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1. adverb In a frantic, confused, and disorderly manner; quickly and out of control. As the final bell of the semester rang, students ran pell-mell out the doors and into their summer of freedom.
2. adjective Frantic, disorderly, and out of control. The pell-mell traffic of India can be shocking to tourists who are used to more orderly streets.
3. noun Frantic and tumultuous disorder. The suspect managed to slip away among the horrible pell-mell that ensued.

mell of a hess

A humorous and deliberate miswording of "hell of a mess," meaning a very problematic situation that is extremely difficult to rectify, or a very large mess that will be tedious or time-consuming to clean up or organize. Welp, this sure is a mell of a hess you've landed us in this time—how are we going to get out of this one? Sarah and her friends left one mell of a hess in the living room after their slumber party.
See also: mell, of

mell of a hess

Inf. a hell of a mess. (A deliberate spoonerism.) What a mell of a hess you've gotten us into this time. Have you ever seen such a mell of a hess?
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mell of a hess

n. hell of a mess. (A deliberate spoonerism.) What a mell of a hess you’ve gotten us into this time.
See also: mell, of
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If it wasn't for them, I would have been in a world of hurt,'' Mell said.
As Mell gingerly lifted the injured puppy into his van, Vils handed Mell a business card and told him to call if he needed help.
I gave them all the money I had in my pocket, about $100,'' Mell said.
When the vet told Mell surgery on the dog's broken front leg would cost another $1,000, Vils helped Mell find a vet that would do it for less.
People are kind of leery of people who need help,'' Mell said.
Mells founded Fiberspace, a developer of stabilized semiconductor laser products, along with Chairman and CEO Dr.