meet (one's) maker

(redirected from meets his maker)

meet (one's) maker

To die. Please stop speeding, I don't want to meet my maker today!
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meet your maker

die. humorous or euphemistic
This expression alludes to the Christian belief that, after death, the soul goes to be judged by God, its creator.
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meet your ˈMaker

(especially humorous) die: The car was out of control. There was nothing I could do except prepare to meet my maker!
See also: maker, meet
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Scheming Archie meets his maker at Christmas after finally pushing someone too far.
It's Paul who meets his maker in a horror smash and almost takes Leanne with him.
The people of Iraq are still awaiting peace, but they will not shed tears when this scum meets his maker in hell.
Umney's Last Case'' feels like a genuine dud, a too-cheeky-by-half tale of a hard-boiled horndog of a detective who meets his maker -- the writer who created him, who forces the two to switch places.
Lowenstein also details the occasional Buffett misstep, such as his decision in the early seventies to invest money in an obscure new magazine called The Washington Monthly--an investment that may earn him a few chits when he meets his maker, but one that stubbornly refuses to yield him an earthly return.
Watson (played by Victor Talmadge), Holmes (Mark Capri) falls in love, squares off with the satanic Professor Moriarty and ultimately meets his maker.
If, as rumored, Jar Jar meets his maker in the next movie, it will be the most celebrated death in motion picture history.
If he is guilty, he will always suffer until he meets his maker.