meet (one's)/the requirements

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meet (one's)/the requirements

To completely fulfil or satisfy the conditions required for something. Unfortunately, you did not meet the requirements we laid out for you, so your application was rejected. We only use ingredients that meet our very strict requirements for quality and renewability.
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meet the requirements (for something)

to fulfill the requirements for something. Sally was unable to meet the requirements for the job. Jane met the requirements and was told to report to work the next day.
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meet the requirements

Satisfy the conditions, as in This grade of lumber does not meet our requirements, or Lynn did not meet the requirements for this position. This expression uses meet in the sense of "satisfy," a usage dating from the early 1800s. Also see measure up, def. 2.
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The monitoring of 57 villages in Batken, Osh and Chui regions will be conducted from April 22-30 to select 30 villages meeting requirements of the project.
Wasa Managing Director Waseem Bajwa, said the citys sewerage system was not meeting requirements of the population due to some faults.
In Ontario, only 21 per cent of boys and 32 per cent of girls are meeting requirements in reading and writing.
Absence of certificates for meat products meeting requirements of the Customs Union is a current obstacle for export of meat products to Russia, the Minister said.
The electricity from Iran is meeting requirements of Gwadar Deep Sea Port, Gwadar district, Turbat, Panjgore, Mand and other areas of the division.
VI) could have a tough time meeting requirements that are required by the EBA.
Recyclable, reusable and returnable, CoroGreen sustainable corrugated plastic sheet features a high level of post-consumer/post-industrial content while meeting requirements for the Green Building Council LEED credit.
It not only offers meeting planners a way to match specific meeting requirements with venues that meet their needs, it also helps planners save time in the process.
London -- A survey conducted by the SMART Group during its annual Lead-Free Seminar in February found the majority of respondents will either not be ready or are uncertain about meeting requirements by the compliance date.
It shreds paper to 1-mm X 5-mm particles, meeting requirements set forth in the NSA/CSS 02-01 for paper destruction.
When the storage infrastructure is incapable of meeting requirements for a large project, some studios have been forced to compromise the creative side.
(See "Lay of the Land," July/August, page 12.) Despite support from the Bush administration, automakers General Motors and DaimlerChrysler dropped their lawsuits against California after the state gave them more flexibility in meeting requirements to sell low- and zero-emission vehicles.
The bankrupt airline has already drawn USD300m of the total sum and the remaining USD200m can now be used, subject to conditions that include US Airways meeting requirements for a federal loan guarantee.
Without such training the Brunswick House company would have encountered difficulties in meeting requirements such as WHMIS certification and logging guidelines, Neshawabin says.
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