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meet with (someone or something)

1. To spend time with someone, usually for a specific reason. I have to meet with Carrie before I can give you an answer to that question.
2. To elicit a particular response. Mom's announcement that we were having meatloaf for dinner was met with groans from the rest of us. The senator's proposal was met with skepticism on both sides of the aisle.
3. To experience something. I'm just warning you—if you embezzle money, you're going to meet with a bad end.
4. To come into contact with something. I think this piece is supposed to meet with that one. Here, take a look at the instructions.
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meet with someone

to have a meeting with someone. I will meet with all of them on Monday. When can I meet with you?
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meet with something

1. [for someone] to experience something, such as an accident. Poor Carlo met with a serious accident. Henry always feared meeting with a horrible fate.
2. [for someone or something] to strike or touch something. That board is supposed to meet perfectly with the surface of the wall. Her head met with the top of the car a number of times during the journey.
3. to encounter some kind of response. The proposal met with unexpected opposition. Her speech was met with universal approval.
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meet with

Encounter or experience, as in The housing bill met with their approval, or Drunk and homeless, he's bound to meet with a bad end. [Mid-1400s]
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meet with

1. To come together with someone or something, especially in order to discuss or accomplish something: The president met with the staff to analyze the new budget.
2. To experience or undergo something: Strong statements often meet with harsh criticism. You can meet your obstacles with bitterness or with determination.
3. To be experienced by something or someone. Used passively: Visitors to the impoverished city are often met with many problems, such as high prices and crime.
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The director of the MTC Audit Program was receptive improving the program, and expressed a desire to meet with TEI to work through possible changes and foster a better understanding of the program.
(Drew) Glennie and other members of the delegation to meet with Finance representatives.) Representatives of the Institute and CCRA discussed a wide range of issues, including the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (which will soon be adopted by CCRA's Customs Branch), the Export Distribution Centre Program, documentation and claims for input tax credits in respect of procurement card purchases, and the voluntary disclosure program.
Tax Executives Institute is pleased to have this opportunity to meet with Commissioner Richardson, Chief Counsel Brown, and other senior officials of the Internal Revenue Service.
Tax Executives Institute is pleased to have this opportunity to meet with Assistant Secretary Lubick and other representatives of the Treasury Department's Office of Tax Policy.
Tax Executives Institute is pleased to have this opportunity to meet with Chief of Staff Kenneth Kies and other representatives of the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation.