meet (one's) maker

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meet (one's) maker

To die. Please stop speeding, I don't want to meet my maker today!
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meet your maker

die. humorous or euphemistic
This expression alludes to the Christian belief that, after death, the soul goes to be judged by God, its creator.
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meet your ˈMaker

(especially humorous) die: The car was out of control. There was nothing I could do except prepare to meet my maker!
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However, 90% of them are children and these children soon meet their maker. Beside this, in 2017 report 43% of people suffer from diarrhoea among them 36% are children.
So sad there are some names to delete From card list as they have gone to meet Their Maker leaving quite a hole, But have not forgotten them, it must be told.
We were warned at least one of our favourite anti-heroes was going to meet their maker in season five and writer Stuart Carolan hasn't disappointed, killing off show stalwart Eric "Elmo" Creed played by Laurence Kinlan.
ARTS aficionados were being encouraged to meet their maker today at a spring craft market in Birmingham.
Burke & Hare 15, pounds 19.99 In 1820s Edinburgh, Irish scallywags William Burke (Simon Pegg) and William Hare (Andy Serkis) help the aged and infirm to meet their maker after finding medical professor Dr Knox (Tom Wilkinson) will pay for a cadaver to use in his anatomical demos.
The place where they regularly meet their maker is actually some 20 miles south west as the bumble bee flies.
In view of these facts, it seems bizarre that W W Scott ("Church leaders are criticised on Trident", Voice of the North, January 6) chastises Christian leaders in Scotland for speaking out against nuclear weapons, rather than helping their followers "prepare to meet their maker".
Malcolm Wicks, the energy minister for the United Kingdom's Department of Trade & Industry, announced in July that toasters, laptops and washing machines will now have the chance to meet their maker a greener way.
Of course, an albatross is a very rare bird indeed and only a select few will notch one before they meet their maker.
Men strap themselves up with explosives and go and stand in crowded shopping centres, close their eyes and prepare to meet their Maker.
`One day they will have to meet their Maker,' she said, `but so will I.'
Then the school's top athlete is found murdered, the first of several young students to meet their maker in horrific circumstances, and Needy starts to believe Jennifer may be taking the concept of girl power a tad too far.
DEVOTED sisters Hilda Rudge and Kate Turner go to meet their Maker - together.
In his spare time he and his wife kept a pub named the "The Poor Struggler", just outside Manchester, where hundreds of curious visitors flocked to be served and to look into the eyes of the man who dispatched some of the most infamous cccriminals to meet their maker.
PROUD Scots can now meet their maker in the most patriotic way possible - by being laid to rest in a tartan coffin.