meet (one's)/the requirements

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meet (one's)/the requirements

To completely fulfil or satisfy the conditions required for something. Unfortunately, you did not meet the requirements we laid out for you, so your application was rejected. We only use ingredients that meet our very strict requirements for quality and renewability.
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meet the requirements (for something)

to fulfill the requirements for something. Sally was unable to meet the requirements for the job. Jane met the requirements and was told to report to work the next day.
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meet the requirements

Satisfy the conditions, as in This grade of lumber does not meet our requirements, or Lynn did not meet the requirements for this position. This expression uses meet in the sense of "satisfy," a usage dating from the early 1800s. Also see measure up, def. 2.
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He said that the people of the province particularly Karachiites have great expectations from the incumbent government and the federal government would do its best to meet their expectations.
A Rutgers University study found most students will stick with their majors even if the projected salaries in their areas of study do not meet their expectations.A Rutgers University study found most students will stick with their majors even if the projected salaries in their areas of study do not meet their expectations.
Tajori, an ecommerce platform, is working very hard to deliver their best quality product to their customers and meet their expectations. The company claims that it has secured a place in the top 10 online shopping websites in Pakistan.
Petromin through its long history and years of hard work has always believed that customer satisfaction is the core of its business, and its success is based on satisfying and reaching customers not only to meet their expectations and requirements, but also to provide services that exceed their expectations." Petromin-Nissan wrapped up the inaugural evening with a surprise.
Consumers, Passikoff explains, are looking for brands "that will better meet their expectations on the emotional side of the purchase equation." Sadly, few can actually do this, he says.
We will ensure that our staff take a keen interest in the various remittance needs of our customers and manage to meet their expectations at all times," said Alukkas.
"Our customers have rewarded our efforts with several significant new contracts that demonstrate their faith in our ability to meet their expectations."
According to the researchers, women with HIV may experience "multiple chronic stressors" that outweigh any psychological benefit of effective treatments, or they may become demoralized if HAART's effects do not meet their expectations. The researchers urge continued attention to interventions to improve HIV-infected women's mental health and quality of life.
Although each individual has his or her own specific reason, most patients become angry because we have failed to meet their expectations. Whatever happened to make them angry, they had expected something else.
I'm kind of worried that if I go to a workshop or get an apprenticeship I won't meet their expectations. Can you help me?