meet (one's)/the requirements

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meet (one's)/the requirements

To completely fulfil or satisfy the conditions required for something. Unfortunately, you did not meet the requirements we laid out for you, so your application was rejected. We only use ingredients that meet our very strict requirements for quality and renewability.
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meet the requirements (for something)

to fulfill the requirements for something. Sally was unable to meet the requirements for the job. Jane met the requirements and was told to report to work the next day.
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meet the requirements

Satisfy the conditions, as in This grade of lumber does not meet our requirements, or Lynn did not meet the requirements for this position. This expression uses meet in the sense of "satisfy," a usage dating from the early 1800s. Also see measure up, def. 2.
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The new standard aims to help manufacturers pass performance tests and qualify their container designs to meet requirements of the U.S.
BEIRUT: Three companies bidding to provide electricity in Lebanon failed to meet requirements, Lebanon's Tender's Department said Tuesday, sending the electricity crisis back to square one.
The IDEA identifies technical assistance or enforcement actions that the agency must undertake for states that do not meet requirements.
* Properly support electrical cables to meet requirements of Ontario Electrical Safety Codes
Muscat, Aug 29 (ONA) The Ministry of Higher Education said that the number of those who meet requirements at the National Program for Post Graduate Studies stood at 27 applicants for MA and 191 for Ph.D.
Green-e Energy Certified Federal products will meet requirements from Executive Order 13693, guidelines from the White Flouse Council on Environmental Quality, and Green-e Energy National Standard rules.
Board Chairman Naas gave an overview of the current and future projects of the university, stressing resolve to uplift the education level at the university to meet requirements and needs of Bahrain labour market.
The YL2-VL second generation high-performance rubber injection machine features a larger heating platen size to meet requirements for mold size and molding process; a 960 mm operating height; a Siemens 10" HD color touch operation screen; a new operation program where the operator can edit the machine movement sequence freely; and the ability for the operator to perform production from the front, rear and left side of the machine.
Those guest houses and vacation hotels that will not meet requirements will not work, he said.
Researchers said that they have come up with a complete and integrated system that is capable of harvesting and storing energy from the natural contractile and relaxation motions of the heart, lung, and diaphragm at levels that meet requirements for practical applications.
The meeting also stressed on the need to build capacities to meet requirements of international health regulations, in addition to the executive action plan, which was prepared to meet those requirements.
Designed to meet requirements of architects, engineers, and GIS professionals, SureColor T3000, T5000, and T7000 offer respective max print widths of 24, 36, and 44 inches; use UltraChrome XD pigment ink, and deliver resolutions to 2,880 x 1,440 dpi.
The schools are under the competences of the municipalities and recently there have been many demands of citizens for change of the name and therefore the municipalities must meet requirements," Neziri said.
The statement comes after the Danish state took control of Max Bank A/S (MAX.KO) after it failed to meet requirements for further write-downs and tougher solvency demands.
The lenses can be made with specialized coatings (or not) to meet requirements of the specific application.