meet (one's) maker

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meet (one's) maker

To die. Please stop speeding, I don't want to meet my maker today!
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meet your maker

die. humorous or euphemistic
This expression alludes to the Christian belief that, after death, the soul goes to be judged by God, its creator.
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meet your ˈMaker

(especially humorous) die: The car was out of control. There was nothing I could do except prepare to meet my maker!
See also: maker, meet
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DEATH is the great leveller that visits us all in the end - but huge variations in the age when we meet our maker is a troub-ling indicator of deep inequality.
I want bright colours and laughter when we go to meet our maker.
You can always live in the woods and avoid paying taxes or refuse to pay and get sent to jail, but eventually we all meet our maker. Mr.
We may no longer expect to meet our Maker, but, as a society, we have found no other way of facing that untidy situation.
God wants to be made known to us and gives us every opportunity to meet our maker in the things of the created order.
Boffins have come up with statistics to tell us how likely we are to meet our maker via a bizarre accident.
JET passengers screamed in terror as a maniac holding a bible yelled: "We are all going to meet our maker."