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She studiously refused to meet my gaze and continued with her work.
He lunged onto my bed, and as I saw his wide eyes twinkle to meet my gaze, I knew he loved me and I loved him.
No way to meet my gaze, no risk of image aping spirit.
I've noticed a certain wariness in the lively eyes of the current Mrs Groves when my keys jangle in the lock and I greet the evening with a cheerful, "Honey, I'm home." There's something about her body language; a reluctance to meet my gaze; the way she zips herself into a sleeping bag the moment I show my face.
So it's a bit rich for me to accost every Thai foolhardy enough to meet my gaze and manically interrogate them about the weather forecast.
Come-to-bed brown eyes turned to meet my gaze. Sensing my terror, he silently drew me into a warm embrace and focused his total attention upon me.