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meet (one's) match

To encounter one's equal or superior in ability, skill, etc., especially in a competitive setting. Stevenson used to be the dominant player on the tour, but it looks like she has finally met her match in the young newcomer. A lot of kids who are used to being the smartest student in school are a little shell-shocked when they meet their match in college.
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meet one's match

Fig. to meet one's equal; to encounter someone who can match or outdo one in some activity, talent, etc. John played tennis with Bill yesterday, and it looks as if John has finally met his match. Listen to Jane and Mary argue. I always thought that Jane was loud, but she has finally met her match.
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meet one's match, to

To encounter a person who is one’s equal in ability. This term began life as to find one’s match, a locution that dates back to the fourteenth century or earlier. “He fond his mecche,” wrote Robert Manning of Brunnea (The Story of England, ca. 1330). By the late sixteenth century the alliterative meet had been substituted and has survived to the present day.
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