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meek as Moses

old-fashioned Exceptionally patient, humble, and mild in manner or spirit. Despite his hulking, imposing appearance, the huge athlete is as meek as Moses when you speak to him in person.
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meek as a lamb

Exceptionally patient, humble, and mild in manner or spirit. Despite his hulking, imposing appearance, the huge athlete is as meek as a lamb when you speak to him in person.
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*meek as a lamb

[of someone] shy, quiet, and docile. (*Also: as ~.) Only an hour after their argument, Joe went to Elizabeth and, meek as a lamb, asked her to forgive him. Betsy terrorizes the other children, but she's as meek as a lamb around her elders.
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meek as Moses (or a lamb)

very meek.
This expression is a biblical allusion to Numbers 12:3: ‘Now the man Moses was very meek’.
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The Scarlets needed a break and got one when Munster lock Donnacha Ryan was harshly sin binned for the meekest touch on Daniel Evans as the Scarlets full-back leapt to take a high ball.
The Supreme Court eventually said no to some of the worst of the Bush offenses, but in the meekest and most tentative way.
which face, which frame, which meekest little finger
The audience were uncooperative and gave only the meekest of replies when required to echo some of the singer's words during the chorus.
The good news is that - contrary to what Pakistanis widely believe - the United States wants for Pakistan the very same things most Pakistanis desire: a stable government responsive to their wishes, a prosperous economy that meets the needs of the meekest as well as the mightiest, a judicial system that dispenses impartial justice, an end to extremist-sponsored violence and peace with its neighbors.
At this price one would normally expect predators, and although currently mergers and acquisitions activity is very low, the price is tempting enough to bring out the meekest hunters.
Tolstoi now fully recognizes the pernicious and previously disregarded force of ideology, which pushes the meekest and kindest people to calmly plan the murder of other people and acknowledge this "murder to be the lawful and just tool of self-defense in order to achieve the highest good" (33: 374).
Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People was in every mind's eye, and it took no time for even the meekest to become hard-core revolutionaries.
The meekest and most innocent of these soldiers, aptly named Adelita, sacrifices herself in a suicide bombing that causes an avalanche to wipe out the oncoming federal troops.
We're not the meekest bunch, with supporter participation, we can help you inherit the earth, if you let us help
The images of Christmas that have come down to us through the ages in art, music, stories and poems remind us of the great hope that was born one dark night in the meekest of settings.
The Korean economy was one of the meekest in Asia and not at all a force in the world.
Tomorrow is our first official flag day so at the match even those who are reluctant to be vocal or who have the meekest of voices can show their support.
Within the contemporary cultural landscape, however, pedophilia and the endangered child are seen not only as effects of the psychological anarchy loosed by terrorism but as an attempt at rebuilding a nation under attack from external terrors by focusing on, in the meekest members of the community, a terror within.
But what is likely to become a highly prized toy in any playground is no doubt going to provoke even the meekest and sweetest child into driving their parents mad.