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meek as Moses

old-fashioned Exceptionally patient, humble, and mild in manner or spirit. Despite his hulking, imposing appearance, the huge athlete is as meek as Moses when you speak to him in person.
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meek as a lamb

Exceptionally patient, humble, and mild in manner or spirit. Despite his hulking, imposing appearance, the huge athlete is as meek as a lamb when you speak to him in person.
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*meek as a lamb

[of someone] shy, quiet, and docile. (*Also: as ~.) Only an hour after their argument, Joe went to Elizabeth and, meek as a lamb, asked her to forgive him. Betsy terrorizes the other children, but she's as meek as a lamb around her elders.
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meek as Moses (or a lamb)

very meek.
This expression is a biblical allusion to Numbers 12:3: ‘Now the man Moses was very meek’.
See also: meek, Moses
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Meeks was released in March 2016 after being charged with gun possession and resisting arrest on June 18, 2014.
Meek Mill leans forward into the glow of his computer screen, his expression unreadable behind a pair of gold sunglasses.
That allowed Meek to get up and Mr Harrison, knowing both men were now free to assault him, went to a sofa, cowering on it and putting his arms around his head to try protect himself.
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The judge told Cardiff Crown Court Meek's father, also called Phillip Meek, had "habitually drunk to excess in the evenings" and then felt he was entitled to play his music as loud as he liked which was "anti-social and obnoxious".
The film's title derives from the name of the torturous shortcut chosen for the travelers by their self-assured guide, Stephen Meek (actor Bruce Greenwood in buckskin, under acres of Buffalo Bill styled facial hair).
36 at Romford tonight is the Bob Meek Memorial Trophy, a race staged in memory of the longtime owner Robert Leonard Meek, writes Jonathan Hobbs.
In early spring 1845, a mountain man and former trapper named Stephen Meek was hired on as pilot to lead a wagon train along the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri to Oregon, a trip of approximately 2000 miles.
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