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meek as a lamb

Exceptionally patient, humble, and mild in manner or spirit. Despite his hulking, imposing appearance, the huge athlete is as meek as a lamb when you speak to him in person.
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meek as Moses

old-fashioned Exceptionally patient, humble, and mild in manner or spirit. Despite his hulking, imposing appearance, the huge athlete is as meek as Moses when you speak to him in person.
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*meek as a lamb

[of someone] shy, quiet, and docile. (*Also: as ~.) Only an hour after their argument, Joe went to Elizabeth and, meek as a lamb, asked her to forgive him. Betsy terrorizes the other children, but she's as meek as a lamb around her elders.
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meek as Moses (or a lamb)

very meek.
This expression is a biblical allusion to Numbers 12:3: ‘Now the man Moses was very meek’.
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