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A pathogenic bacterium triggers epithelial signals to form a functional bacterial receptor that mediates actin pseudopod formation.
Mediate joins Bruce Fleisher and Annika Sorenstam in the growing group of professionals to have won on tour with the Callaway Golf "Rule 35" ball.
Several metal and transition metal ions mediate immunomodulation in experimental animals (Bigazzi 1999; Kiely et al.
A services network assumes heterogeneity within and across IT environments, and mediates between disparate transports, standards, and invocation patterns.
1] cells express purinogenic receptors with selectivity consistent with the P2X7 subtype and that this receptor pathway mediates the induction of the c-fos luciferase reporter gene by ATP and the putative Pfiesteria toxin.
GR, a member of the nuclear receptor superfamily, mediates glucose homeostasis, immune modulation, cellular growth and differentiation, and numerous other physiological responses in a wide variety of tissues (33-36).
We established a cell model with which to screen the rapid nongenomic activities of estrogenic compounds using cells naturally expressing high levels of a membrane form of ER-[alpha] thought to mediate these nongenomic actions.
Under a blazing Texas sun and flogged by gusting winds, Rocco Mediate fired a 4-under-par 66 Friday and caught Wayne Levi at the midway point of the golden anniversary MasterCard Colonial at Fort Worth, Texas.
burnetii-infected macrophages suggests a potential mechanism by which humoral immunity can mediate protection (35).
While engaged in production, students use (and learn) language in order to mediate their own and other's understandings of concepts or actions.
Ryanodine receptors mediate calcium-induced calcium release from the endoplasmic reticulum.
We're very pleased that Rocco Mediate will be back with us to defend his Buick Open title," said Tony Derhake, executive director of golf for Buick.
1 knew he had been in a contest as Mediate made him fight all the way to a sudden-death scrap after 18 extra holes of their play-off had failed to separate them.
Open, Rocco Mediate, right, walks to his ball while Tiger Woods hugs caddie Steve Williams.
In the Tax Court case which we mediated, the IRS and taxpayer filed a joint motion to mediate.