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drive-by media

The idea that members of the mainstream news media can negatively affect viewer perception by sharing a barrage of information with the potential to mislead or confuse viewers. ("Drive-by" comes from the term "drive-by shooting," in which someone riding in a vehicle begins firing a gun at an unsuspecting person on the street.) Popularized by US radio personality Rush Limbaugh. That reporter always seems to cause confusion and sow discord whenever she opens her mouth—it's drive-by media at its finest!
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mainstream media

Well-established media outlets, such as newspapers and TV stations, that reach a mass audience, considered collectively. The term is especially used to contrast it with other forms of media that one considers more truthful and/or less biased. Often abbreviated as "MSM." It seems that people are becoming increasingly distrustful of the mainstream media.
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media darling

A very famous and popular person who receives exceptionally positive media coverage or attention. Ever since the election season began, the presidential hopeful has become quite the liberal media darling. The rising star has captured the world with her talent and beauty, becoming one of the biggest media darlings of recent times.
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trial by media

1. A term for the impact that extensive media coverage of a trial has on the reputations of those involved in the legal proceedings. With its televised car chases, doctored magazine photos, and round-the-clock news coverage, the OJ Simpson trial is possibly the most obvious example of trial by media. Any time a political figure is involved in a scandal like this, you can count trial by media being a big part of the proceedings.
2. The determination of guilty by news outlets and users of social media (as opposed to an actual trial through the criminal justice system). Many news pundits are speaking as if the actor's guilt is a forgone conclusion, when no criminal charges have even been made yet. This is sort of trial by media needs to stop! I made one joke in really poor taste on social media that went viral, and now my whole career has been ruined thanks to the trial by media that ensued.
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trial by the media

A situation in which a person's guilt is decided by the population at large due to negative coverage by the media. Also phrased as "trial by television." While the stories about the former CEO are all horrifying, right now they are just that: stories. We cannot allow trial by the media to become the new means by which to condemn our citizens, who still enjoy the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.
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There 40 units were sold at a median price of $3,987,179.
The median new and existing home price in Canyon County first topped $200,000 in March, while the average price hit $200,000 already in May 2017.
Homes for sale in Binghamton had been listed a median of 108.5 days in March.
Women's median hourly rate is 3% lower than men's Cleveland Police, Princeton Drive Stockton Women's mean hourly rate is 8% ltm.
The area with the biggest price rise in England and Wales in 2016 was SW1X 8, in Belgravia in Kensington and Chelsea, which saw median prices jump 293% from PS1.4m in 2016 to PS5.5m in 2017.
Comparing those median prices for luxe living to the median prices of the area overall revealed that some Dubai residents are paying nearly three times more for the best address, it stated.
* Alaska, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey had among the highest median household incomes for 2016.
Conclusion: L-I method has a good diagnostic sensitivity in CTS; however, P-W, median sensory nerve conduction velocity at digit I and median distal motor latency are more sensitive than L-I method.
The normal anatomy of the median nerve formation in relation to the 3rd part of the axillary artery by joining one lateral and one medial roots was observed in 65 (66.32 %) upper limbs irrespective of the gender (Fig.
In this paper we have briefly discussed about the denoising in ultrasound kidney image by using Median and Adaptive Median filter and hence the stimulated result and the performance by using those filters has been mentioned.
Nationally, median loan growth in federally insured credit unions was 4.3% during the second quarter, according to the NCUA Quarterly U.S.
New Hampshire has the third-highest median property tax rate in the United States, according to a recently released survey by real estate data analytics firm CoreLogic.
The report compares state and local tax rates across all 50 states and the District of Columbia against the national median. It also calculates relative income-tax obligations by applying the effective income-tax rates in each state and locality to the average American's income, according to their methodology.
CHICAGO: In the fourth quarter of 2015, institutional asset owners gained approximately 2 percent at the median, according to Northern Trust Universe data.