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mainstream media

Well-established media outlets, such as newspapers and TV stations, that reach a mass audience, considered collectively. The term is especially used to contrast it with other forms of media that one considers more truthful and/or less biased. Often abbreviated as "MSM." It seems that people are becoming increasingly distrustful of the mainstream media.
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media darling

A very famous and popular person who receives exceptionally positive media coverage or attention. Ever since the election season began, the presidential hopeful has become quite the liberal media darling. The rising star has captured the world with her talent and beauty, becoming one of the biggest media darlings of recent times.
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trial by the media

A situation in which a person's guilt is decided by the population at large due to negative coverage by the media. Also phrased as "trial by television." While the stories about the former CEO are all horrifying, right now they are just that: stories. We cannot allow trial by the media to become the new means by which to condemn our citizens, who still enjoy the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.
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"Since the relaunch of the Media Zone, our sales team members have been busy attending to enquiries and processing licences of media companies and freelancers.
With the fast development of the subfield between 2000 and 2013, the shifting focus of media ecology studies is well represented by the keywords identified from the literature.
When there's a dedicated media relations web page, it can't be easily located from the home page in most cases.
This body of church teachings encourages us to get out there and do something with the media rather than wail about being victimized.
With a specific focus on Channel One, the lessons taught the following five concepts of media literacy: All media messages are constructed; media messages are made using a creative language with its own rules; different people experience the same media differently; media producers have values and points of view; and media messages are constructed to achieve a purpose (Center for Media Literacy, 2003).
The researchers point out that the relationship between sexual content of media and early sexual activity has not been extensively explored.
SAFC Biosciences provides an integrated services package in mammalian cell culture media development to support customer programs from pre-clinical and clinical development to commercialization.
While the president and his corporate backers wield enormous media power, they pose as intrepid and besieged underdogs.
UDO (Ultra Density Optical) offers "True" Write Once technology implemented at the physical media level.
"The rapid development of technology in the area of the media is surely one of the signs of progress in today's society ...
From Middle America's point of view, the conflict between the media and politicians is like a vicious dogfight with a mangy pit bull on one side and a snarling Doberman on the other.
United Business Media's CMP Media LLC also recently bought Light Reading Inc., New York City, for $27 million cash at closing.
(SDK) (TSE: 4004)(OTC: SHWDF) has started the world's first commercial production of perpendicular-magnetic-recording-technology-based hard disk (HD) media, enabling a dramatic increase in media recording density.
A few months after the 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak, a sample of Canadian undergraduate university students completed a questionnaire that showed that, despite believing media coverage of the outbreak was excessive, they had little anxiety about acquiring SARS.