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media darling

A very famous and popular person who receives exceptionally positive media coverage or attention. Ever since the election season began, the presidential hopeful has become quite the liberal media darling. The rising star has captured the world with her talent and beauty, becoming one of the biggest media darlings of recent times.
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trial by the media

A situation in which a person's guilt is decided by the population at large due to negative coverage by the media. Also phrased as "trial by television." While the stories about the former CEO are all horrifying, right now they are just that: stories. We cannot allow trial by the media to become the new means by which to condemn our citizens, who still enjoy the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.
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Researchers used three true-false questions to measure media knowledge: "Schools have to supply their own equipment to show Channel One" (false); "Everybody experiences media messages the same way" (false); and "Children 2-17 spend an average of 6-1/2 hours with media each day (true).
To measure the degree to which they engage in critical thinking, participants answered the following questions using 7-point scales with strongly agree and strongly disagree as anchors: "It's worth my time to consider the truthfulness of advertising messages," "It's interesting to think about the purpose behind a message 1 see in the media," "It's interesting to think about what the creator of a media message wants me to believe," and "When I see a media message, I think about who created it.
To meet the company's measurement needs, Xcel Energy's media relations department created the Xcel Energy News Tracking System (XcelENTS).
Recyclers promote the fact that the used media is degaussed and returned to a good-as-new condition, but this is another potential problem area.
In addition, gathering national statistics about library media programs in the United States in a more regular and comprehensive manner than is currently done would clearly help establish a baseline against which future progress could be measured (A.
Microsoft Producer helps media and marketing professionals, training specialists and business users of all kinds to create engaging external and internal digital media marketing communication, online training, on-demand executive broadcasts, and published archives of live presentations.
Specific prevention strategies applicable to all infants and children such as immunization against viral respiratory infections or specifically against the bacteria that cause otitis media are not currently available.
Helical recording media involves short tracks that are recorded diagonally (at an angle of about 11 degrees) across the width of a 4mm or 8mm tape.
proactive) as well as your practices (the role of the primary spokesperson) and procedures (how to respond to media inquiries).
Session Two introduced the concept of media violence.
To prevent oxidation problems and still take advantage of the high recording density potential of MP media, metal particles used in DDS media are typically coated with a passivation layer material.
Those off-the-cuff comments started a whirlwind of media inquiries about Houston.