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meddle in something

to intrude [oneself] into something. I wish you wouldn't meddle in my affairs. Go meddle in someone else's business.
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meddle with someone or something

to interfere with someone or something; to mess around with someone or something. Please don't meddle with me. I am in a bad mood. Would you please stop meddling with my computer?
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Meddling should also be followed in the Royal Marines Association - "Supporting Our Wounded" Maiden Handicap.
I will reiterate again that forthe success ofintra-Syrian dialogue, it's necessary toneutralize foreign meddling and halt the delivery ofweapons fromTurkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and a number ofEuropean governments toterrorists," Assad said, Sputniknews reported.
The declarations of high Russian officials have an openly anti-Ukrainian nature, questioning the territorial integrity of Ukraine and constitute meddling in the internal affairs" of the country, the foreign ministry said in a statement.
This is precisely the type of meddling in foreign affairs the Revenue Rule prohibits.
The Yemeni officials' remarks on Iran's meddling in that country's internal affairs are sheer lies and an escape forward to cover San's inability to provide security for Iranian diplomats," he added.
Egypt refused on Friday the US State Department's comments on the behavior of Egyptian forces with anti-government activists, deeming them meddling in the affairs of Cairo, the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT reported Saturday.
So, naturally, this cannot last, and sure enough, it's mere minutes into tonight's premiere of ``30 Rock'' that Liz is plagued by Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), an arrogant, meddling executive for ``NBC-GE-Universal-Kmart.
8 billion comprehensive plan to "restore" Florida's Everglades--mostly to fix damage done by previous federal meddling in the area--is already showing signs of sinking into that mighty swamp.
This ruling should help put a stop to the trend of politicians meddling in the religious lives of Americans," Lynn said.
Both groups felt that in order for government to get out of the meddling business and into helping small business, the priority for President Clinton and Congress in 1995 is to cut government spending -- 43% of small employers and 42% of workers said this was the most critical issue for small business prosperity.
With the end of the Cold War and the proclamation of a New World Order presumably devoted to democratic values, there was reason to hope that our spies would cease their international meddling.
Pesky Meddling Girls(TM) Author, Jennifur Brandt Makes Two Special
TEHRAN (FNA)- Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said the western countries' meddling in Syria has caused a spread of terrorism and deteriorated the security conditions in the region.
The Syrian initiative calls on parties "to resume national dialogue to resolve the dispute in the south in anticipation to any escalation that threatens the unity of Yemen as well as other challenges," including foreign meddling in Yemen's affairs AN NAHAR said.
Gay rights groups were outraged by what they see as a case of out-of-state meddling.