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meddle in something

to intrude [oneself] into something. I wish you wouldn't meddle in my affairs. Go meddle in someone else's business.
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meddle with someone or something

to interfere with someone or something; to mess around with someone or something. Please don't meddle with me. I am in a bad mood. Would you please stop meddling with my computer?
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Meanwhile, the US State Department is yet to spend any of the USD 120 million it was given to fight foreign election meddling, according to The New York Times.
The survey follows a recent USA Today poll found that more Americans trust special counsel Robert Mueller than Trump when it comes to the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 elections.
The comments made clear that Mr Trump still does not take the meddling seriously.
Formed 18 months ago, the authority is working on a "defence plan" against possible meddling in Israeli elections through cyber attacks similar to what recently took place in the United States, France and Ukraine.
I strongly pressed President Putin twice about Russian meddling in our election.
This often grievous outsider meddling in the region has been decried by its long-suffering people time and again, with America gaining the nickname "the Great Satan.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Drive And Driven Sprocket For Meddling Thickner As Per Specification
Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain withdrew their diplomatic envoys from Doha last month in protest of what they describe as Qatar's "political meddling and giving support to Islamist groups.
Or more meddling from birthday boy Prince Charles, who according to Camilla, "NEVER, EVER stops working".
Meddling should also be followed in the Royal Marines Association - "Supporting Our Wounded" Maiden Handicap.
Museveni said Chinese lending is also "completely free of the usual meddling and high-handedness of some of the friends from outside".
The political people need to stay away from meddling or appearing to meddle in criminal probes," Marcus wrote.
The time for ECB meddling is surely over and the time for Pietersen to play has come, writes Greg Wilcox.
A * Is the government meddling in the bank's affairs?
Libya's United Nations envoy Mohammed Abdel Rahman Shalgam accused Qatar on Friday of providing weapons and money to Libyan Islamists and told the fellow Arab state to stop meddling in Tripoli's domestic affairs.