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meddle in something

to intrude [oneself] into something. I wish you wouldn't meddle in my affairs. Go meddle in someone else's business.
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meddle with someone or something

to interfere with someone or something; to mess around with someone or something. Please don't meddle with me. I am in a bad mood. Would you please stop meddling with my computer?
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References in classic literature ?
If this invisible man at Craig Fernie has actually meddled, I won't say with marrying her, but only with pretending to make her his wife, and if he has attempted it in Scotland, the chances are nine to one (though
I knew then that I could do my employer no good, but would only throw my own life away if I meddled in the matter.
Whilst he was biding his time, the Chinese and the brutes out in Africa, the Moors and what-not, awkward customers all of them, were so convinced that he was something more than mortal, that they respected his flag, saying that God would be displeased if any one meddled with it.
He never meddled with any little boy, and was popular with them, though they all looked on him with a sort of compassion, and called him "Poor Diggs," not being able to resist appearances, or to disregard wholly even the sneers of their enemy Flashman.
But he never meddled personally with the grocer's boy after that; though we must do him the justice to say he always spoke of Mr.
The men on duty had special instructions about that shop: what went on about there was not to be meddled with unless absolutely disorderly, but any observations made were to be reported.