meddle in

meddle in something

to intrude [oneself] into something. I wish you wouldn't meddle in my affairs. Go meddle in someone else's business.
See also: meddle
References in classic literature ?
To meddle in politics," he exclaimed, in a languid voice, leaning back in his easy-chair.
Besides, you are right in another respect, which is in thinking that if we were to meddle in politics there could not be a better time than the present.
I have a jolly little circle of witty abbes and pretty women; everything goes on smoothly, so certainly, dear friend, I shall not meddle in politics.
Churches meddle with politics IT seems our churches with their dwindling congregations are starting to meddle in politics.
Interviewed by the Voice of Lebanon radio station, the lawmaker said that the fact that Lebanese MPs have always wagered on foreign policies is what made Lebanon lose its independency, but has also opened the door before some countries to meddle in the country's internal affairs.
Wasn't it enough for the Unite leader to show he can't meddle in a selection process or handle an industrial dispute in Scotland?
The political people need to stay away from meddling or appearing to meddle in criminal probes," Marcus wrote.
No country is entitled to the right to meddle in Iraq's legal issues," Bahrol-Oloum told FNA in Baghdad on Sunday.
Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has declared that his government will not meddle in the election of a new Orthodox Patriarch.
When we [Pakistan] will never be allowed to meddle in US affairs, US shouldn't be allowed to do so either," The Express Tribune quoted Rehman, as saying.
They give money and weapons and they try to meddle in issues that do not concern them and we reject that," Shalgam told Reuters on the sidelines of a conference in the Moroccan city Tangier.
AN opposition group yesterday urged Iran not to meddle in Bahrain's affairs.
Asked to comment on former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's recent remarks about Iran meddling in Iraqi affairs, Crowley replied that the US administration is "concerned about any neighboring country that would meddle in Iraq's affairs".
But Governor Jamaluddin Badr, rejecting the allegations as groundless, said they did not meddle in the IEC business.
Arab League's Moussa Says He Did Not Meddle in Affairs of Egypt