meddle in

meddle in (something)

To involve oneself in some situation or activity, especially that which one is not meant or welcome to be involved in. I would have gotten away with the money laundering if you hadn't gone meddling in the company's financial affairs! My parents are always meddling in my love life, trying to set me up on dates with guys I have no interest in.
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meddle in something

to intrude [oneself] into something. I wish you wouldn't meddle in my affairs. Go meddle in someone else's business.
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References in classic literature ?
"Who bade thee meddle in this, Sancho?" said Don Quixote.
NNA - Minister of National Defense, Elias Bou Saab, maintained that he would not allow any attempt to meddle in judicial affairs, renewing trust in Lebanon's justice system.
Senior Chief Representative from Kanye, Kgosi Kwelagobe Mookodi shared the same sentiments with Kgosi Telekelo in that the community should ensure Bangwaketse dikgosi do not meddle in politics and remain clean.
The president answered "of course" before he turned to Mr Putin and said: "Don't meddle in the election."
Summary: Osaka [Japan], June 28 (ANI): US President Donald Trump playfully warned Russia President Vladimir Putin to not meddle in US elections, during talks on the margins of G-20 Summit.
PAS Central Committee member Dr Halimah Ali Abdullah warned Pakatan Harapan today not to meddle in Islamic affairs, in a veiled jab at DAP.
Charity continues to meddle in Ryan's love life Meanwhile, Dawn and Ryan's relationship woes continue as a hurt Dawn doesn't want to hear his excuses about Gail and Charity continues to meddle.
WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday authorizing sanctions against foreigners who meddle in U.S.
A senior Russian diplomat claimed Moscow was aware the United States was trying to meddle in the Kremlin's election.
Speaking at a news conference in Kiev, Bolton added he had told Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that Moscow should not meddle in Ukraine's presidential vote next year.
Trump has denied any collusion and Russia has said it did not meddle in the election.
Ever since Trump was inaugurated in January 2017, the US intelligence community has overwhelmingly maintained that Moscow sought to meddle in the 2016 election.
senators on Wednesday urged Russia not to meddle in the U.S.
Stressing that he had previously been patient with Sereno because he did not want to meddle in the issues hurled against her, the visibly irked Duterte said he wanted her out of the Supreme Court either by impeachment or through the quo warranto petition.
Those who have been critical of the ex-leader think Park got what she deserved for being negligent of her duties as president and allowing Choi to meddle in state affairs despite holding no official position in her administration or having expertise in any field.