meat and drink to (one)

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meat and drink to (one)

Particularly appealing or enjoyable to one, especially when most people would regard the same task or topic with disdain. Working on complex pension calculations would put me to sleep, but it's meat and drink to my brother.
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meat and drink to one

A source of great satisfaction or delight, as in Good music is meat and drink to her. This metaphoric expression, transferring basic sustenance to satisfaction, appeared as early as 1533, in John Frith's A Boke Answering unto Mr. Mores Letter: "It is meat and drink to this child to play."
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meat and drink to someone

mainly BRITISH
If something is meat and drink to you, it is something that you get great pleasure or satisfaction from or something that helps you to succeed. What normal people considered pressure was meat and drink to Maxwell. Of course celebrity disaster stories are meat and drink to the tabloids.
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References in classic literature ?
Then the criminal orders meat and drink to be brought out, they eat and drink together, he asks a formal pardon, which is not granted at first; however, the husband forgives first one part of the debt, and then another, till at length the whole is remitted.