measure (something) off

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measure (something) off

1. To measure the dimensions of something. Measure off three-foot sections on those two-by-fours, and I'll cut them on the table saw. Could you measure this off for me?
2. To determine the perimeter of some region. Let's measure off the section that needs to be repainted. Police measured the area off to keep onlookers from contaminating the crime scene.
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measure something off

to determine the length of something. He measured the length of the room off and wrote down the figure in his notebook. Fred measured off the width of the house. Fred measured a few feet of string off, and cut it with a knife.
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measure off

To isolate, define, or identify some region within another by measurement: The surveyors measured off the part of the property where the house was going to be built. The builders measured each section off precisely before pouring the concrete.
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References in classic literature ?
"We are not ninety miles from Gondokoro," said the doctor, measuring off the distance on his map, "and less than five miles from the point reached by the explorers from the north.
She chose the rent but hadn't forgotten about her blood pressure, which was now measuring off the charts.
A fresco on the walls of a tomb in Egypt in 2000 BC shows land surveyors measuring off a distance with a rope using early technology, and explorers charted the rivers and other wonders in North America with careful calculations and meticulous map drawing.
Carolyn Newton and Patricia Coggin report in their book, Meet Mississippi (1976), that Fisk apparently wasted little time, after purchasing a sizeable tract of land in the then-extreme southwestern corner of Washington County, in laying out streets and measuring off lots.