measure (something) off

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measure (something) off

1. To measure the dimensions of something. Measure off three-foot sections on those two-by-fours, and I'll cut them on the table saw. Could you measure this off for me?
2. To determine the perimeter of some region. Let's measure off the section that needs to be repainted. Police measured the area off to keep onlookers from contaminating the crime scene.
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measure something off

to determine the length of something. He measured the length of the room off and wrote down the figure in his notebook. Fred measured off the width of the house. Fred measured a few feet of string off, and cut it with a knife.
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measure off

To isolate, define, or identify some region within another by measurement: The surveyors measured off the part of the property where the house was going to be built. The builders measured each section off precisely before pouring the concrete.
See also: measure, off
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To enhance the ability of the Indian Coast Guard to rapidly undertake pollution control measures off the East Coast and Island Territories the DAC cleared the proposal for acquisition of two Pollution Control Vessels (PCV).
Results: Out of 388 individuals under study, 136 used hearing protective measures regularly during routine firing, 103 did not use any measures and 149 soldiers used protective measures off and on (irregularly).
"We're trying to give parents and coaches another tool to make sure they don't miss big hits, or maybe catch a hit that doesn't look that big but measures off the charts," Harvatine says.
Politicians and activists who sincerely want to improve matters should cross price control measures off their list of policy options.
Everyone measures off the top of the mountain peaks to the bottom of the part, not to the bottom of the valleys.
The Commander of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), Major General Paolo Serra, deemed such move as "a blatant violation." The Lebanese Army had downsized in the afternoon its deployment and security measures off the Israeli works along the Kafr Kila-Aadaisseh way in the northern side of Fatima Gate, in a move that suggested the Lebanese party's objection to the Israeli violation.
Some MPs have shown reticence to support the legislation, attempting to move the measures off the Parliamentary agenda.
oOne to two centimetres per year of rise in sea levels may not seem like much and putting taking measures off may be easy, but major effects will be felt in 30 yearsAE time,o he stressed.
Spokesman Scott Moore said it is unlikely such action would force any of the measures off the ballot, but it could heighten voter concerns as they size up the ballot proposals.
You see, everyone measures off a certain amount of Him and then thinks it is the entire God.
The first thing Democrats might have done to win the battle over gay rights is to fight state by state to keep the measures off the ballot.
Coach Jerry Weinstein of Sacramento City College takes chalklines and measures off 275-300 feet in practice.
The old politics of the West kept major reform measures off the table."
Summary: Anti-piracy measures off Somalia appear to be forcing pirates to extend their range to strike deep into the Indian Ocean, shifting the menace even further from the protection of international naval forces.AaGunmen on Monday launched their longest-range hijack attempt yet by opening fire on a big Hong Kong-flagged crude oil tanker, the BW Lion, 1,600 kilometers east of Mogadishu, the European Union naval force said.
Scott Moore, spokesman for a group preparing to campaign against the measures, disputed Walker's contention that strict rules kept the measures off the ballot.