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Measurer effects An extensive series of shipboard inter-measurer comparisons between pleopod length measurements taken by one experienced (A) and a second inexperienced (B) measurer indicated trivial systematic differences between measurers (0.
Internal Controls: Descriptions of required enhanced internal controls including employee behavior policies, escalation procedures for challenging traffic removal decisions, and the application of a partner qualification process that recognizes the responsibility of measurers extending to certain aspects of the behavior of its business partners.
14): Refers to MRC's Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration Guidelines Addendum, Appendix A (currently in draft), for specific guidance on how reporting of viewable impressions should be addressed when enhanced levels of invalid traffic filtration (referred to as "Sophisticated Invalid Traffic" filtration) are applied by the measurer.
The Tape Measurer Multi-Tool will save its users the considerable time and hassle involved in keeping track of multiple items.
We took the length of a tree and the girth and we'd check a book we had called a hoppus' measurer and that would give us the cubic content of tree, because the men were paid per cubic content.
In most cases, even a huge typical rack is routine for a trained measurer to score.
Trophies, including antlers, horns, skulls, and tusks, that have been damaged and not repaired, may be brought to the attention of the Records Committee by official measurers for consideration for inclusion in the Club's awards program," Reneau said.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Aim Corrector complete with Lens,Tin Disc,Rifle Aiming Rest for Standing Position,Rifle Aiming Rest for Lying Position,Distance Measurer,Veh Tracking Sys for Op trg
The 2011 Webster town reports book, distributed on Election Day, May 7, and again at the May town meeting, says Peter Tremblay is town Measurer of Wood & Bark.
Chairing a meeting with the forestry wing of the Environment Ministry here on Friday, she stressed the need to take appropriate measurer for achieving the targets of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
Yet bowhunter Wayne Zaft's possible record-breaker, which was arrowed in early October and has been taped by an experienced Pope and Young/Boone and Cockett measurer, reportedly green scores 208 6/8 inches even after some 16 inches of deductions.
com) is the industry's leading DA/OS consulting company and measurer of database accuracy, customer fulfillment, and customer care.
Tenders are invited for Digital Laser Distance Measurer Specification Attached , Make - Bosch/Milwakee/ Fein Or Equivalent.
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