measure (someone or sth) (up) against (someone or sth else)

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measure (someone or sth) (up) against (someone or sth else)

1. To compare the qualities of a particular person or thing with those of someone or something else. Because I'm pursuing the same career as my brother, I feel like people are always measuring me against him. I just feel that modern architecture is missing some of the grandeur of pre-21st-century buildings when you measure them up against one another.
2. To place someone or something against a larger person or thing so as to observe, measure, or compare the size of one or both. We've been measuring our kids against the same wall for nearly 15 years now—there's a lot of memories on that thing! When you measure the new desk up against the older one, you can see that there is a noticeable size discrepancy.
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measure (someone) against (someone else) (or something against something else)

to compare someone with someone else; to compare something with something else. Daniel measured his brother against the boy next door. We measured the new building against the older ones and found the new one lacking in many respects. I measured myself against Tom and found him superior in almost everything.
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measure someone up against someone or something

to place someone up against someone or something else for the purpose of comparing size or other qualities. Please measure Fred up against Tom and see who has the best qualifications. Can you measure Brian up against the mark on the wall to see how tall he is growing?
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"It's going to be fun to measure us against them, to see how good we are and if we can get a result.
It's important that we all agree on what the deliverables are, and how they are going to measure us against that.
"I think people do look at them and maybe measure us against them," Wheater explained.
But you must measure us against the alternative, which is the Conservatives
Fuller: We set up several key teams that measure us against specific objectives.
You can't measure us against them - they have years and years of winning things and their infrastructure is way ahead of ours.
"I measure us against sides who've been in the division a long time, " Blair says.
It is absurd to measure us against the yardstick of a novel.