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Perhaps the president of a corps notices that one of the membership who is no longer an exempt--that is a freshman-- has remained a sophomore some little time without volunteering to fight; some day, the president, instead of calling for volunteers, will APPOINT this sophomore to measure swords with a student of another corps; he is free to decline--everybody says so--there is no compulsion.
To-night, dear child," he said, "I shall find out at the Opera what journalists are conspiring for Baudoyer, and we will measure swords together.
THE Jawaharlal Nehru University ( JNU) is not just a battlefield of contending ideologies to measure swords, rather the varsity is readying to lead a green revolution as it plans to set up a solar power plant to feed its crucial science labs that run 24x7 and where critical experiments which are carried out incessantly cannot afford any power outages.
Still Alexander's departure from the Panjab (Indus Basin) was far from peace and tranquility as floating further downward he had to measure swords with comparatively small tribal groups namely
During his stay at Taxila as a royal quest of the raja Ambhi Alexander remained busy in receiving emissaries from neighbouring rajas as well as reorganizing his forces and preparations to measure sword with one of the most stubborn foes ever faced in the Indus region.
In a royal battle, Pride and Evil are not able to measure swords with Wisdom and Renunciation.
In a royal battle,pride and evil are not able to measure swords with wisdom and renunciation.