measure off

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measure (something) off

1. To measure the dimensions of something. Measure off three-foot sections on those two-by-fours, and I'll cut them on the table saw. Could you measure this off for me?
2. To determine the perimeter of some region. Let's measure off the section that needs to be repainted. Police measured the area off to keep onlookers from contaminating the crime scene.
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measure something off

to determine the length of something. He measured the length of the room off and wrote down the figure in his notebook. Fred measured off the width of the house. Fred measured a few feet of string off, and cut it with a knife.
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measure off

To isolate, define, or identify some region within another by measurement: The surveyors measured off the part of the property where the house was going to be built. The builders measured each section off precisely before pouring the concrete.
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All you need is a little patience to measure off your design and some masking tape.
As it became clear the Common Cause measure would make the ballot, one last-ditch effort was made to keep CalPIRG's measure off. Common Cause and several other intermediaries tried to talk Phelps and his group into holding off until 1998.
Measure off the hole locations so that they will match up with the holes in the shorter pieces of boards.
The clean energy initiative will be tied up in court starting Monday as attorneys representing Arizonans for Affordable Electricity an opposition group funded by APS work to knock the measure off the ballot.
The architect's rendering of the Siuslaw Bridge included a measurement taken by the condo developers by dropping a tape measure off of the bridge, the Board of Architect Examiners found, instead of an official survey of the bridge height.
One of the flies in this ointment is that the overall length of bullets is a big variable, so if we measure off the tip of the bullet we won't be terribly precise.
But to do it precisely you need to be able to measure off the bullet ogive and for that you need some special--but not very expensive gear.
First measure off two 12-inch sections of fin and mark, leaving at least 1-1/2-inch of tubing exposed at each end.
Also, councilors shoved a possible City Hall bond measure off next November's ballot to sometime in 2010.
Now use your ruler to measure off 200 feet [at the scale of 100 feet per inch] along the 40 degree direction.
If the civil liberties group loses in its attempt to keep the measure off the ballot, it will make the case to voters - along with business, labor, and other groups that have historically made large campaign contri- butions.