measure against

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measure (someone or sth) (up) against (someone or sth else)

1. To compare the qualities of a particular person or thing with those of someone or something else. Because I'm pursuing the same career as my brother, I feel like people are always measuring me against him. I just feel that modern architecture is missing some of the grandeur of pre-21st-century buildings when you measure them up against one another.
2. To place someone or something against a larger person or thing so as to observe, measure, or compare the size of one or both. We've been measuring our kids against the same wall for nearly 15 years now—there's a lot of memories on that thing! When you measure the new desk up against the older one, you can see that there is a noticeable size discrepancy.
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measure (someone) against (someone else) (or something against something else)

to compare someone with someone else; to compare something with something else. Daniel measured his brother against the boy next door. We measured the new building against the older ones and found the new one lacking in many respects. I measured myself against Tom and found him superior in almost everything.
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As we were informed, the court is going to change the measure against him from arrest to a home arrest.
Following the worsening of Tunisia's trade deficit and as a precautionary measure against the continued decline in foreign currency assets, the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) has sent a notice to all the banks in the market informing them of the new measure taken by the issuing institution relating to the opening of letters of credit for the import of non-essential consumer products or deemed to be non-priority items.
Al Francis Bichara said that mandatory evacuation would be carried out on Sunday in all villages prone to flooding, landslide, mud/lahar flow, and storm surges as pre-emptive measure against Typhoon 'Nina' (international name: Nock-ten).
The Minister said: "The best preventive measure against HIV/Aids is to raise awareness among people about the fatal disease.
Speaking in the name of the majority camp, Wahhab said that the Majority is not concerned in any Arab League measure against Syria or any measure attempting to drag Lebanon into a confrontation with it.
A Turkish official have opposed to Bulgaria's idea to rebuild the border fence between the two countries as a measure against the recent foot-and-mouth-disease outbreak in Bulgaria.