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though you do not recognize) a Fourth Dimension, which is not colour nor brightness nor anything of the kind, but a true Dimension, although I cannot point out to you its direction, nor can you possibly measure it.
If, therefore, the measures of the Confederacy cannot be executed without the intervention of the particular administrations, there will be little prospect of their being executed at all.
It might even have occurred to them, that where a disposition to cavil prevailed, their neglect to execute the degree of power vested in them, and still more their recommendation of any measure whatever, not warranted by their commission, would not less excite animadversion, than a recommendation at once of a measure fully commensurate to the national exigencies.
And this is just what happened; for when he got his measure back, three new silver five-shilling pieces were sticking to it.
Now when Little Klaus again reached home with so much money he sent his boy to Big Klaus to borrow his bushel measure.
So he went himself to Little Klaus with the measure.
He is making game of us,' they said; and the shoemakers seized their yard measures and the tanners their leathern aprons and they gave Big Klaus a good beating.
I pray you, good sir," said the parson, "permit yourself this once to be admonished by her ladyship: peradventure, by communing with young Madam Sophia, she will effect more than you have been able to perpetrate by more rigorous measures.
These are the measures the government has adopted to re-establish order and relieve youp condition.
4) Similar measures will be taken that peasants with their carts and horses may meet with no hindrance on their return journey.
Previous studies examining individual differences correlates of one noctcaelador measure, the Noctcaelador Inventory (Kelly, 2004a), among student samples have found the construct to be related to habitually attaining less sleep (Kelly & Rose, 2005), artistic and investigative vocational interests (Kelly, 2005), openness to experience (Kelly, 2004b), and a preference for spending time outdoors (Kelly & Kelly, 2005).
Core inflation measures attempt to abstract from temporary shocks and measure the component of inflation that is likely to be sustained over time.
The high end has been served by spectrophotometers that measure absolute color but cost well over $60,000 and tend to be too large and complex to integrate on-line.
For nearly 20 years, some have chosen to measure new condominiums by beginning foot count on the building's exterior of buildings, at the base of the glass window, masonry, or brick--and ending at the opposite side of the building's exterior.