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(though you do not recognize) a Fourth Dimension, which is not colour nor brightness nor anything of the kind, but a true Dimension, although I cannot point out to you its direction, nor can you possibly measure it.' What would you say to such a visitor?
If, therefore, the measures of the Confederacy cannot be executed without the intervention of the particular administrations, there will be little prospect of their being executed at all.
In cases of capture; of piracy; of the post office; of coins, weights, and measures; of trade with the Indians; of claims under grants of land by different States; and, above all, in the case of trials by courts-marshal in the army and navy, by which death may be inflicted without the intervention of a jury, or even of a civil magistrate; in all these cases the powers of the Confederation operate immediately on the persons and interests of individual citizens.
And this is just what happened; for when he got his measure back, three new silver five-shilling pieces were sticking to it.
Now when Little Klaus again reached home with so much money he sent his boy to Big Klaus to borrow his bushel measure.
So he went himself to Little Klaus with the measure.
'He is making game of us,' they said; and the shoemakers seized their yard measures and the tanners their leathern aprons and they gave Big Klaus a good beating.
"I pray you, good sir," said the parson, "permit yourself this once to be admonished by her ladyship: peradventure, by communing with young Madam Sophia, she will effect more than you have been able to perpetrate by more rigorous measures."
These are the measures the government has adopted to re-establish order and relieve youp condition.
(4) Similar measures will be taken that peasants with their carts and horses may meet with no hindrance on their return journey.
Tape measures have been used to measure land for fields, pens and lots; lay out structures; measure construction materials, depth of post holes and length and diameter of bolts and rods.
For an outcome measure to be useful, it must be reliable in that it produces consistent findings if no real change has occurred.
While tariff changes account for only a fifth of all interventions and while the use of trade defence measures has risen over time, many other forms of non-tariff measures (NTMs) have been deployed.
Comparison: More than three-fourth of respondents have believed that performance improvements made because of training is an extremely valuable measure. But actually less than one-fourth of respondents use it routinely to measure training and development.
But neither measure needed Eugene's heavily pro-tax vote to pass in Lane County.