a mean (something)

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a mean (something)

Said of something that is particularly impressive or appealing. I make a mean stew—are you sure you don't want to stay for dinner? You should ask that guy to join your band—he plays a mean sax.
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mean something

 (to someone)
1. Lit. to make sense to someone. Does this line mean anything to you? Yes, it means something.
2. Fig. [for someone] to cause positive feelings in another person. You mean a lot to me. This job means a lot to Ann.

a mean something

mod. having to do with an excellent example of the art of doing something well habitually. John plays the piano quite well. Fred says that John plays a mean piano.
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mod. having to do with someone or something that is very good; cool. This music is mean, man, mean. What a great sound!
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Tourist licensing needs to mean something and the ministry should work in conjunction with private partners to bring about a real licensing system for nature-based tourism, she says.
Saying you are sorry does not mean something is necessarily your fault.
Who's gonna make all that beautiful blk / rhetoric mean something.
Numbers and geometric shapes mean something, even if they can also be used to create highly formal images and objects.
Part of the word will mean something to them in their language, which can help them figure it out in English, she says.
That doesn't mean something positive hasn't occurred.
Does it mean something that turns out literate and numerate beings at the end of several years?
In Class Action: The Story of Lois Jenson and the Landmark Case that Changed Sexual Harassment Law, Clara Bingham and Laura Leedy Gansler have set out to tell the story of those women who made sexual harassment law mean something. It's a horrific tale that dates back to the mid-1970s, when women were entering the workplace in droves.
If this term is necessary, then it must clearly mean something beyond the other terms we already have, like lean enterprise, virtual enterprise, agile enterprise, and learning organization.
"I reach deep inside myself to make images that mean something to me, because then they will mean something to others.
As for Stroman, she once explained why she's happier choreographing in period than for contemporary characters: "Contemporary times mean something different to everyone," she said.
The four-year-old growth fund invests ,n stocks that mean something to kids, including McDonald's Corp.
X talks about "relapsing-remitting MS", he may mean something very different than Dr.
And there, perhaps, our Lenten failing: our frequent inability to make this Lent mean something to others.
That has to mean something. It may not get you the whopping pay rise the inactive Rose thinks you deserve, but it has to mean something.