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mean (something) by (something)

To have some hidden or ulterior meaning, judgment, or intention behind one's words or actions. Often used in questions and negative constructions. I didn't mean anything by what I said—I was just making an observation about your clothes, that's all! A: "It's not bad, for someone like you." B: "Hey, what do you mean by that?"
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mean by something

to intend a certain meaning by words or deeds. What do you mean by that? I did not mean anything special by my remarks.
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As the saying goes, it opens a whole can of worms - in this case more questions: what do I mean by life?
So that's what I mean by autobiography as the foundational act.
I refer to the need for GenX ministry that is a "generational space" because what I do not mean by GenX ministry is typical "young adult" ministry.
If what you mean by "mystery" is emphasizing unilaterally the transcendence of God, then you're not talking about authentic mystery.