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Fairholme, glad of an opportunity to show that he was no mealy mouthed parson, declared, when applied to, that Smilash was the greatest rogue in the country.
Chancellor John McDonnell's mealy mouthed comments about Scottish independence and an English parliament during an Edinburgh festival appearance contradicted the stance taken by Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard, writes Labour MP Ian Murray.
Baker is like a lot of so-called celebrities who think they are too popular to be sacked and his mealy mouthed apology that he didn't know Meghan Markle was mixed race was pathetic.
OUR mealy mouthed legislators are 'considering' raising the price of disposable plastic bags from a risible five pence to a risible ten pence in a flaccid gesture intended to protect the environment.
"We haven't got just a slightly mealy mouthed moratorium, we haven't got people who have just come to a ban late in the day.
Improvement of care in the Community envisaged by the Trust is "mealy mouthed" when beds are being cut.
So really he got away with this abominable cruelty and the RSPCA Inspector was no better when he came out with a load of mealy mouthed waffle, saying: "I am glad the court has recognised the serious nature of this offence and sent out a clear message that pet owners have a duty of care to protect their animals".
As mealy mouthed politicians around the world come out with their pathetic, well-balanced condemnation of the violence on both sides, people ask: "What can we do?"
I'd bet my paycheck such a politician is also pro-abortion (human slaughter) and mealy mouthed on the gay marriage issue.
JOHN Lamb says Andrew Mitchell's words concerning the important issue of diversity were "mealy mouthed" (Mail, May 11).
I am grumpy because I am really, really sick of dishonest, self-dealing, mealy mouthed politicians and their hangers on who are slowly bit by bit bringing this country down.
By which I mean calling a spade a spade, instead of making mealy mouthed excuses for incompetent (and worse) jockeys.
The research firm threw a party at a ritzy hotel to celebrate the new survey, but its mealy mouthed press release left out the burning question: Who won?
The movie, notable for its greatest-hits approach to English literature, never explains how this extraordinary young man sprang from the loins of an overbearing, embittered father and a mealy mouthed zero of a mother, but it wholeheartedly endorses his raging case of adolescent self-pity (no one understands me, there's no place for me in this cold, cold world).
We now know it's not our mealy mouthed spineless government either.