meal ticket

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meal ticket

A person or thing used to provide permanent financial income. This new business was supposed to be my meal ticket, but it's costing me more money than I'm making. I'm a model, so my face is my meal ticket, and I can't afford to have a blemish!
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meal ticket

A person or thing depended on as a source of income, as in Magic Johnson was a real meal ticket for his team, or Her interpersonal skills will be her meal ticket when she goes into sales. This metaphoric expression alludes to the earlier practice of handing out tickets that entitle their holder to a meal. [Early 1900s]
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a meal ticket

If you describe something or someone as a meal ticket, you mean that they are a way of getting all the money that you need throughout your life. A degree has never been a meal ticket, but the recession is making life for graduates tougher than ever. He was wealthy. I think she saw him as a life-long meal ticket.
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a ˈmeal ticket

(informal) a person or thing that you see only as a source of money and food: He suspected that he was just a meal ticket for her.I hoped the guitar would become my meal ticket.
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There was some sweet relief for those without meal tickets, however, after Johnson and Toffolo bagged some brownies for successfully completing the dingo dollar challenge.
I'm sure he's just a meal ticket for this younger girl
But with the Sainsbury's Student Meal Ticket parents can rest assured that their kids will have funds to buy the essential food and non food items that will ensure they settle into university life with ease.
her last meal ticket close to kicking the bucket and she does not even have to now she has a new meal ticket.
Hendry's 4-1 victory over Steve Davis to deny the six-time world champion a place in the semi-finals was William's meal ticket into the last four.
When the food goes down the tray line, the computer-generated meal ticket shows exactly what each resident needs and wants.
Just as an apprenticeship would guarantee you a job, for many years a degree was a meal ticket to the career of your choice.
It obviously means the opportunity to enable the rich to get richer, create the greatest number of fat cats ever known, MPs to enjoy record-breaking incomes and expenses, the best meal ticket ever, after all the majority are Labour MPs who have surfaced from previous obscurity.
Except that Jerry has absolutely no intention of allowing his meal ticket to jump ship.
40 meal ticket, 40p goes on ingredients and it is believed the rise will cover increased running costs.
until death do us part' not 'here's a meal ticket for life love'.
A NEW school meal ticket system brought in to speed up lunchtimes has caused chaos at a North Wales school.
The first is that school children eligible for free or reduce-fee lunches through government assistance programs often fail to participate because of the perceived social stigma associated with showing a special card or meal ticket in front of other students.
The nominal value of meal ticket (voucher) is set at 3.
The suspicion remains that political time-servers see the post as a meal ticket.