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in Dickie's meadow

In danger. Primarily heard in UK. I knew I was in Dickie's meadow when I found myself between the mother bear and her cub.
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meadow muffin

slang A pile or mass of animal dung, especially from a cow, that is still wet. She slipped in the wet grass of the field and fell straight into a fresh meadow muffin.
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meadow muffin

n. a mass of cow dung. Jill stepped in a meadow muffin while she was bird-watching.
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A single tree becomes thus the crowning beauty of some meadowy vale, and the expression of the whole surrounding forest is at once more spirited for it.
Near the lake, which we were approaching with as much expectation as if it had been a university,--for it is not often that the stream of our life opens into such expansions,--were islands, and a low and meadowy shore with scattered trees, birches, white and yellow, slanted over the water, and maples,--many of the white birches killed, apparently by inundations.
Off to one side of the path, a dry streambed filled with rounded boulders, cobblestones, pebbles, and sand typical of mountain washes meanders through low perennials and a meadowy collection of ornamental grasses.
We found it a very meadowy stream, and dead water, and now very wide on account of the rains, though, he said, it was sometimes quite narrow.
The White River Trail climbs 1,400 feet in3 1/2 miles to meadowy Glacier Basin with attractive trail campsites.