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in Dickie's meadow

In danger. Primarily heard in UK. I knew I was in Dickie's meadow when I found myself between the mother bear and her cub.
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meadow muffin

slang A pile or mass of animal dung, especially from a cow, that is still wet. She slipped in the wet grass of the field and fell straight into a fresh meadow muffin.
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meadow muffin

n. a mass of cow dung. Jill stepped in a meadow muffin while she was bird-watching.
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References in classic literature ?
They saw as they circled above the meadow the black fists shaken at them, and the rifles brandishing a menace toward them.
As the girl grasped the significance of his words she paled, but her lips set in a hard line and her eyes shone with a sudden fire of determination as she dropped the plane to within a few feet of the ground and at the opposite end of the meadow from the blacks and then at full speed bore down upon the savages.
In the center of the meadow stood the ape-man watching them.
And in a few minutes, Harold and Jane with pieces of bread and butter in their hands, they sauntered through the meadow into the hop-field.
He thought of the winding white roads and the hedgerows, the green meadows with their elm-trees, the delicate line of the hills and the copses that crowned them, the flatness of the marshes, and the melancholy of the North Sea.
Miller was saying our land was better than Mullins's Meadows.
Meadows have an important place in the country's social history - with frequent place names referring to their size, such as Long Meadow, their owners or people associated with them, or wildlife, such as Dolwyddelan (Gwyddelan's Meadow) or Dolgellau (Grove Meadow).
BURSTING with colour, seductive scents, the buzz of insects and alive with animals - a Welsh wild-flower meadow is a jewel in nature's crown that puts on a spectacular show in summer.
It follows the choice of the trust reserve of Hannah's Meadow in Teesdale as a "Jewel in the Crown" by the national Coronation Meadows Project.
A meadow is a field habitat vegetated by primarily grass and other non-woody plants (grassland).
Late actor Paul Walker has reportedly left his 25 million estate to daughter Meadow Walker, so that the latter can have a safe and secure future.
Last summer, flower meadows were created at 10 sites across the city, with cornflowers, poppies, oxeye daisies, meadow buttercups and red campion.
That something as quintessentially British as the meadow could have disappeared so quickly from right under our noses may well come as something of a shock.
Only a handful of these support significant populations: North Meadow in Cricklade, not far from Clattinger, contains 80 per cent of the remaining wild population; TOP: one of 180 species of plant at Clattinger, ragged robin is a perennial wildflower distinguished by its delicate pink flowers, which appear in May and June; ABOVE: detail of a cowslip, thousands of which carpet the meadow in May
Meadows was a member of Oak Hill Country Club in Fitchburg and Rice Meadow Fly Fishing Club in Westminster.