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in Dickie's meadow

In danger. Primarily heard in UK. I knew I was in Dickie's meadow when I found myself between the mother bear and her cub.
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meadow muffin

slang A pile or mass of animal dung, especially from a cow, that is still wet. She slipped in the wet grass of the field and fell straight into a fresh meadow muffin.
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meadow muffin

n. a mass of cow dung. Jill stepped in a meadow muffin while she was bird-watching.
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Immuno-allergologist, Martin Hrubisko of the Oncological Institute of St Elizabeth, claims that meadows in the city would never be like meadows in the Alps or the Tatras and be without allergens, rodents or waste."The city is an absolutely artificial terrain in terms of nature and without human intervention no meadow will grow in the city," Hrubisko said at a press conference in July.
ON more than a few occasions lately meadow pipits have appeared on a nearby fence post to attract me away from their nesting area.
Typical meadow events include guided walks, orchid hunts, bug identification and scything workshops.
mini meadow. You might just want a single species to dominate - a patch of oxeye daisies can look beautiful, or, as I recently saw by the roadside, a dazzling combination of bright red poppies and vibrant blue cornflowers growing together.
and Carrie pose With the onset of the Second World War, millions of acres were dug up to plant cereals for the war effort, and the decline has continued - nearly 7.5 million acres of wildflower meadow have been lost since then and they are still being destroyed.
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By GARETH WYN WILLIAMS Daily Post Reporter ALMOST 2,000 British roads contain the word "meadow" or its Welsh equivalent "dol" - but the flower-rich fields they were named after are vanishing.
ALMOST 2,000 roads in Britain contain the word "meadow" or its Welsh equivalent, "dol" - but the flower-rich fields they were named after are vanishing, experts warn.
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