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I don't mean maybe!

Inf. I am very serious about my demand or order. Bob: Do I have to do this? Sue: Do it now, and I don't mean maybe! Father: Get this place cleaned up! And I don't mean maybe! John: All right! I'll do it!
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Maybe some other time.

 and We'll try again some other time.
a polite phrase said by a person whose invitation has just been turned down by another person. Bill: Do you think you can come to the party? Bob: I'll have to beg off. I have another engagement. Bill: Maybe some other time. John: Can you and Alice come over this Friday? Bill: Gee, sorry. We have something else on. John: We'll try again some other time.
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I don’t mean maybe!

exclam. I am not kidding! You get over here right now, and I don’t mean maybe!
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Maybees don't fly in June

Stop changing your mind so much. “Maybees” is a pun on “maybes,” as in “If I do X, then maybe Y will happen, but if I don't do X, then maybe Z will happen . . . I just can't decide.” When someone used to hesitate in such a fashion, someone else would be sure to pipe up with the reminder that “maybes don't fly in June.”
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