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I don't mean maybe!

Inf. I am very serious about my demand or order. Bob: Do I have to do this? Sue: Do it now, and I don't mean maybe! Father: Get this place cleaned up! And I don't mean maybe! John: All right! I'll do it!
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Maybe some other time.

 and We'll try again some other time.
a polite phrase said by a person whose invitation has just been turned down by another person. Bill: Do you think you can come to the party? Bob: I'll have to beg off. I have another engagement. Bill: Maybe some other time. John: Can you and Alice come over this Friday? Bill: Gee, sorry. We have something else on. John: We'll try again some other time.
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I don’t mean maybe!

exclam. I am not kidding! You get over here right now, and I don’t mean maybe!
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Maybees don't fly in June

Stop changing your mind so much. “Maybees” is a pun on “maybes,” as in “If I do X, then maybe Y will happen, but if I don't do X, then maybe Z will happen . . . I just can't decide.” When someone used to hesitate in such a fashion, someone else would be sure to pipe up with the reminder that “maybes don't fly in June.”
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References in classic literature ?
Before we start, I talk maybe two minutes with the priest at Anvig.
And Sitka Charley, standing upright, maybe falls down and stands upright again.
With a seven-point gap to safety and a game in hand on Swansea City, the relegation specialists are still just about in the land of maybes but the blessed relief of certainty does not look far away.
Maybe they should be pleased it is coming to an end.
Maybe Sunderland's do not see the point - Short wants to sell.
Maybe if Sunderland pulled off the impossible again, there will be another at Chelsea, but maybe not.
Maybe everyone was crying wolf when they described the game as a must-win.
Maybe when they see what the Football League has in store.
Maybe the Black Cats will follow Newcastle's lead and bounce back immediately, but it seems unlikely.
Maybe breaking the Premier League cycle will bring a smile back to weary Wearside faces.
Maybe unlike its predecessors, this is not a group of players in hibernation, ready to make the effort only when it matters.
The undignified sight of Moyes and Robbie Stockdale scrambling to play ballboy as Sunderland prepared to launch one last throw-in showed the desperation of a coaching team which maybe comes across as too passive.
They know that's a lot of maybes, Carlton and his friends say.
Maybe - and the maybes go on and on until your self-worth goes right down the tubes.
Then I thought, as the elevator doors closed, "Perhaps, just maybe I'm one of those being axed.