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"We are quite familiar with the oldies 'Maybe Jews run the world, maybe Jews use blood for their rituals, maybe Jews had slaughtered Jews in Poland'.
Maybe if Sunderland pulled off the impossible again, there will be another at Chelsea, but maybe not.
The Tall Ship Maybe will leave Blyth Port on Saturday but is set to return for the Regatta.
Then again, maybe eventually when all the craziness has died down, when daughter has rid herself of the bad juju, when she has cut her mother loose (flesh, spirit, past), maybe, maybe.
Built in 1929 for a wealthy Dutch family, Maybe is now owned by British skipper Capt Steve Swallow and can carry up to 30 passengers and is suitable for youngsters aged 12 years and above.
For more call For more call 09050 700 438 Cancer June 21 - July 22 YOU'RE looking for new things, looking for new things, maybe new romance, but can maybe new romance, but can you do that by setting your life you do that by setting your life on the same old path?
tin plate or maybe it was foil of some kind--I don't remember and
Maybe, some of us believed what we saw about business-friendly Bahrain and all the great things it has done to develop its judicial system in line with that in the West.
"Love Cookie Monster's Call Me Maybe, made my day," tweeted Sezzab.
And then it hits me: "If I'm a child now, and not a wretch like I used to be, maybe that changes things." So I think, "Well, if I'm really a child, maybe I don't need 'amazing' grace anymore; 'pretty good' grace would probably do."
The best of your emails Maybe has most Maybe and Best Terms are both top fillies but Maybe has the greater scope.
If loved ones are away from home, we keep in touch, maybe unburdening our worries, maybe asking for advice, maybe telling them how much we appreciate their support, maybe telling them how much we love them, or maybe a quick cry for help, or a word of thanks.
Maybe we can take comfort in the saying "time heals all wounds." Maybe, with the passage of time, things will work out OK.
I think I have a bigger perspective than he has and maybe that's a good match.