Relaxing to the greatest extent possible; not doing anything at all. A humorous, colloquial combination of "max(imum)" and "relaxin(g)." Ever since I got the payout from my lottery winnings, I've just been maxin' on the beach in Florida without a care in the world. A: "What you up to tonight?" B: "Nothin', just maxin'. Any plans?"


in. relaxing. I spent Saturday just maxin’ around the house and doing some tunage.
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Maxin added: "Teenage students are heavy internet users and early adopters of new technology making them the tech experts in their families.
a month-long festival of fun for children has begun in Church Square, St Helens, with a visit from children's entertainer Terry De Maxin.
We find that the change in GSVI is much greater in magnitude for stocks with the highest MAX versus those with the lowest MAXin all of the quintiles of the DMAX portfolio.
Furthermore, post-retirement work might help to address the increasing challenges that many industrialized nations are facing as a result of demographic change, such as skill shortages or strained pension systems (Deller, Liedtke, & Maxin, 2009; Mariappanadar, 2013).
Speakers, including PNCA Director General Iftikhar Babar, Director Visual Art Division, PNCA, Mussarat Nahid Imam, Dr Shahida Manzoor, Zarar Haider Babri, Ms Qudsia Nisar, Shazia Mukhtar and Dr Shaukat Mehmud Maxin, recounted her services for the promotion of fine arts.
Maxin Fenoni Ong, another former Tacloban student now also studying at Hope Christian, asked Aquino about his statement criticizing the Tacloban City government in the wake of the disaster.
That's what Vanwolff as a brand is about, following your instinct, embracing the wolf within, and being true to who you are," says Maxin.
Os produtos utilizados foram o fungicida Maxin XL[R] com o principio ativo Fludioxonil + Metalaxil M; o inseticida Cruiser[R] a base de Thiametoxam; o aminoacido PT-4-0[R] e os produtos para o recobrimento polimero Polyseed CF[R] + Colorseed[R].
MAXIN GORKY THIS Montjeu gelding, successful on the flat for Sir Michael Stoute at Leicester and Newmarket, a beaten favourite on hurdling bow, for Noel Meade, at Thurles on Thursday, when runner-up to Louisville Lip.
She names them (back row from left) Lavine Whiteley, Helen Kenyon, Jacqueline Sutcliffe, Jennifer Haigh, Anthea Armitage and Patricia Taylor; front row (from left) Ronnie Maxin Mellor, Lesley Senior, Andrea Winstanley, teacher J B Spir, Janis Cook, Christine Janion and Barbara Sykes.
The Thrashers rallied on goals by Bryan Little and Maxin Afinogenov (one goal, two assists) to close to within 3-2 after the first, but Chara, who set up Savard's goal, delivered during a two-man advantage early in the second period, off Savard's pass - and Savard then assisted on Michael Ryder's 5-on-3 score in the third period.
h/ hindzo hina hina 'caldo' hilye hilyi hiyi 'carne' (haip'uro) haka haqa 'dia siguiente' */x/ hauna xa u i xawi 'diarrea' xolka xorka xorkisa 'collar' maxena maxeni maxin 'dia' saxue s h ax ui saxwi 'orina' oxi ~ ox i ux ~ ux i ux 'fuego, maxsi ~ maxsi mas h i masa piedra'
Her internal and end rhymes create a community of sounds (disbelieve, Maxin G (for Gorky), me, a seat, ye) and bind her to a camp of nonbelievers with which she identifies and to which she belongs.
Striker Maxin Buznikin, and midfielders Marat Izmailov, Dmitri Loskov and Dmitri Khokhlov all caught they eye in the opening stage of the competition.