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go to the mattresses

To enter into or prepare for a lengthy war, battle, or conflict; to adopt a combative or warlike position. While the true origin is uncertain, the phrase was popularized in English by The Godfather novel and films, where it referred to warring mafia families housing their soldiers in small, secure apartments to await orders. While the political party has shown some flexibility over other contentious issues, it looks as though they're ready to go to the mattresses over this one. We'll go to the mattresses if that's what it takes to defend ourselves!
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mattress mambo

slang An act or instance of sexual intercourse. After flirting at the bar for a while, we went back to my place for a little bit of mattress mambo. My roommate's girlfriend is in town for the weekend, and I've had to listen to them doing the mattress mambo ever since she got here.
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mattress mambo

n. an act of copulation. (Contrived.) I get my exercise doing the mattress mambo.
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