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mate with

1. To copulate so as to produce children or offspring with. The female praying mantis is notorious for eating the head of its male mate after—or sometimes while—mating with him. A: "She's a nice girl and all, but I don't know if she's someone I'd want to mate with." B: "Ugh, can you please not refer to it as 'mating'?"
2. To pair an animal with a mate so that the two will copulate and produce offspring. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "mate" and "with." I'm been mating my English bulldog with a number of female dogs around the state.
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mate someone with someone

 and mate an animal with some other animal
to pair or breed people or animals. The king sought to mate his daughter with the son of a magician. Harry wanted to mate his guppies with June's guppies.
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mate with someone

to marry with someone, and presumably, to copulate with someone. Did you meet anyone you would like to mate with and spend the rest of your life with?
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mate with an animal

[for an animal] to copulate with its own kind. The gander mated with the goose in the barnyard. The coyote acted as if it wanted to mate with the dog.
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In particular whether one or several males succeed in mating with a single queen affects the average relatedness among workers in the colony.
Since each mating offers an opportunity to father off-spring, males can generally increase their fitness by mating with many females, and high mating rates are thus typically associated with high male reproductive success.
The researchers point out that it generally becomes difficult to study mammalian mate choice because dominant males among them often chase away others for access to female partners, which makes it hard to tell whether females are choosing to mate with certain males or are merely mating with them by default.
The UL-listed unit features mechanically keyed housing to ensure proper mating and enables rotational blind mating with approximately 0.09 in.
One focused on the possible value of a detached organ as a barrier to the recipient mating with others.
Scientists believe animals stand to have genetically varied offspring by mating with an individual unlike most of the population.
If heritable traits of one sex, often called preferences, result in proportionately greater chances of mating with those individuals of the other sex that possess complementary heritable traits, often called ornaments, then the progeny of these matings tend to inherit genes for both traits.
None of the 5 females whose matings ended between the 1400 h and 1700 h censuses were mating with new partners during the 1700 h census, but 3 of them were observed mating the following day.
Winners do the lion's share of mating with available females, whom the dominant males guard from skulking suitors.
In contrast, males appeared to court and attempt mating with every female encountered (virgin and mated), and a majority of males paired with more than one virgin female mated more than once (64.5%).
The punch line sounds like a joke, but ligers--produced by a female tiger mating with a male lion--are actual animals and one of the world's more bizarre-looking hybrids, or mixed animal species.
The Basis for Mating Discrimination.--In pairings with silenced Canton-S males, 13.2% (17/129) of Canton-S females mated within 1 h, compared with 1.7% (2/119) mating with silenced Tai-Y males (P [is less than] 0.001, Fisher's exact test).
As such, it is critical that the laboratory reared males are as competitive as wild males in successfully mating with wild females.
Previous research had indicated that males increase chances of mating with a particular female by spending time with her.