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do the math

1. Literally, to do a bit of arithmetic calculation. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Well, let's just do the math to see if you have enough in your savings account to afford a new car.
2. To figure out or put together information for oneself. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Do the math—can't you see that he's just using you to get ahead in the company?
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you do the math

People say you do the math to mean that the person they are talking to should calculate something because the answer will be interesting, important or surprising. In Canada, a country of more than 30 million people, a novel is considered to have sold respectably if three thousand copies leave the shelf. You do the math.
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do the math!

work it out for yourself (used to suggest that the conclusion to be drawn about something is obvious). North American informal
Math is the American abbreviation of mathematics . When the phrase is used in British English, it is usually as do the maths .
2004 BBC News: Business I was faced with the choice of either topping up by using paid holiday or a vast reduction in earnings and a financial struggle when I least need it. You do the maths!
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The results of the t-test indicated that American eighth grade students' attitudes toward math study by gender had significant differences for one of the three categories.
The unexpected link of bipolar disorder to math problems deserves closer scrutiny, comments psychologist David C.
Escalante had met Villavicencio six years previously through his students--he had been a math teacher at Griffith Junior High, a Garfield feeder.
Hooda Math is run by a licensed math educator whom formerly taught middle school mathematics in an urban school district.
Many Mathematics Teaching experts believe that learning from playing Math Games can be enhanced through translation to traditional mathematics teaching.
MIND OVER MAth A few Weaver Elementary School students and Principal Erin Kominsky celebrate the MIND Institute program, which helps students learn math using visual clues as well as by playing the piano.
Forty-two percent of students statewide scored at the proficient or advanced level in English, an increase of 2 percentage points over last year, and 40 percent of students scored at the proficient or advanced level in math, an increase of 2 points over the prior year.
The Spirit of Math Schools approach is also generating great results in schools.
MCPS learned a great deal from its Singapore Math pilot and used its concepts significantly in the revised curriculum.
The best way to get students excited about math, Eglash says, is to apply it to things that they care about.
Some are independently owned while some are franchises of larger companies, such as Score Educational Centers and Kumon Math and Reading centers.
The writers never put in a math joke simply to tickle only their own funny bones, according to Ken Keeler, a Simpsons writer with a Ph.
Unfortunately, a consummate framework is dependent on the current state of research on math learning disabilities (MLD) which is far less developed than that of reading disabilities (Geary, 1993; Mazzocco & Myers, 2003).
Take the 'I Use Math' titles: each relates math to everyday life, from games and kitchen work to store and workshop--and each book also appears in a Spanish/English bilingual format.