mate with

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mate with

1. To copulate so as to produce children or offspring with. The female praying mantis is notorious for eating the head of its male mate after—or sometimes while—mating with him. A: "She's a nice girl and all, but I don't know if she's someone I'd want to mate with." B: "Ugh, can you please not refer to it as 'mating'?"
2. To pair an animal with a mate so that the two will copulate and produce offspring. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "mate" and "with." I'm been mating my English bulldog with a number of female dogs around the state.
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mate someone with someone

 and mate an animal with some other animal
to pair or breed people or animals. The king sought to mate his daughter with the son of a magician. Harry wanted to mate his guppies with June's guppies.
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mate with someone

to marry with someone, and presumably, to copulate with someone. Did you meet anyone you would like to mate with and spend the rest of your life with?
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mate with an animal

[for an animal] to copulate with its own kind. The gander mated with the goose in the barnyard. The coyote acted as if it wanted to mate with the dog.
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Daughter queens were mated with the males of same species belonging to different bumblebee hives to avoid inbreeding problems.
californica that has mated with multiple partners should remain in question.
Mating frequency and fertility of Mediterranean fruit fly females alternately mated with normal and irradiated males.
I observed the male for 30 min after he climbed into the flower, or until he mated with the female.
In various studies, he and a colleague compared aspects of mating, for example, the length of time that the snails courted before copulating, when snails mated with and without dart piercing.
Males mated with to three randomly selected, unrelated virgin females, and each male was given two chances to mate with each female.
In a series of laboratory experiments in which we gave 31 unpaired females a choice of three males, 7 (23%) females mated will all three males, 11(35%) mated with two males, and 13 (42%) mated with one male.
Within the first 10 min, a significantly higher percentage of Canton-S females mated with Canton-S than with Tai-Y males, whereas Tai-Y females mated about as often with males from both strains (fig.
The researchers explain the dilution of DNA links among males in part by noting that various males, rather than just an alpha male, in each group produced offspring and outsiders occasionally mated with females.
Female guppies breed eagerly with a brightly colored male if they've already mated with a dull-colored one, she says.
If enough insects came out of the ground ahead of schedule and mated with each other, they might found a brood 4 years out of synch with their original cohort.
Normal females that mated with males of this mutant strain produced 90 percent fewer offspring than usual.