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1. A companion who provides assistance or support, especially a wife or husband. It's only by the support of my lifelong helpmate that I was able to get through the hardship of my father's death.
2. Anything or anyone that aids, assists, or is helpful, especially regularly or constantly. We've entered an age where phones are no longer merely tools for communication—they've become helpmates in nearly every facet of life.

she'll be right(, mate)

Everything will be OK; things will get better; don't worry about it. Primarily heard in Australia. Dave: "I'm just really worried that something's going to go wrong at the conference." Jim: "I know she'll be right, with how hard you've worked!" Sarah: "Things have felt really rocky between me and John lately." Janet: "She'll be right, mate. I'm sure it's just the stress of his final exams that's making things hard at the moment."

she'll be apples

Everything will be fine; things will get better; don't worry about it. Primarily heard in Australia. Don't worry about the presentation. She'll be apples, considering how hard you've worked! A: "Things have felt really rocky between me and John lately." B: "She'll be apples, mate. I'm sure it's just the stress of his final exams that's making things hard at the moment."
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mate someone with someone

 and mate an animal with some other animal
to pair or breed people or animals. The king sought to mate his daughter with the son of a magician. Harry wanted to mate his guppies with June's guppies.
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mate with an animal

[for an animal] to copulate with its own kind. The gander mated with the goose in the barnyard. The coyote acted as if it wanted to mate with the dog.
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mate with someone

to marry with someone, and presumably, to copulate with someone. Did you meet anyone you would like to mate with and spend the rest of your life with?
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label mate

n. someone who records on the same label (as the speaker). (Record industry.) Frank Duke is my label mate, and we like to get together and gossip about the record industry.
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1%) mated with the first virgin female presented them within the 30 min period.
When 14 of the males that mated with the first female were presented with a second virgin female, none of these males would mate with the second females.
The antennae of either mated or virgin males were excised at the bases and a few distal segments were cut off to facilitate conductivity.
To obtain mated males and females, the insects were paired in the first scotophase and allowed to mate.
The number of eggs in the egg sac was not related to female age, male size, whether the female had mated once or twice or age of first mate but approached a significant positive relationship with female size (Table 5).
As a consequence, for every female mated, male reproductive potential grows by an amount equivalent to that female's entire reproductive potential, as suggested by Bateman (1948).
cactorum at 200 Gy were found, and no differences in mating frequency or longevity of ir radiated male moths or of female moths mated to irradiated males were detected in our laboratory tests.
Following the methods presented above, females were mated and held for testing 1 week later.
Taken together, these two findings indicate that, after a certain refractory period, a certain (time-independent) proportion of mated females are sexually receptive and, male type (with respect to methyl eugenol feeding) will not alter this proportion.
We measured the short-term effects of multiple mating by comparing the fecundity and fertility of females mated singly (n = 20) and those mated multiply (i.
Females prevented from mating until after their optimal age for a first clutch courted for considerably less time than did their counterparts that mated earlier.
In Magurran's study, each of 76 virgin guppies mated over the course of 4 days with a single male or with four different males.
Placed on lab plates, the yeast mated across, but not within, the strains.
He'd prefer it if the female never mated again," Wiklund says.
If enough insects came out of the ground ahead of schedule and mated with each other, they might found a brood 4 years out of synch with their original cohort.