mate with

mate with

1. To copulate so as to produce children or offspring with. The female praying mantis is notorious for eating the head of its male mate after—or sometimes while—mating with him. A: "She's a nice girl and all, but I don't know if she's someone I'd want to mate with." B: "Ugh, can you please not refer to it as 'mating'?"
2. To pair an animal with a mate so that the two will copulate and produce offspring. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "mate" and "with." I'm been mating my English bulldog with a number of female dogs around the state.
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mate someone with someone

 and mate an animal with some other animal
to pair or breed people or animals. The king sought to mate his daughter with the son of a magician. Harry wanted to mate his guppies with June's guppies.
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mate with someone

to marry with someone, and presumably, to copulate with someone. Did you meet anyone you would like to mate with and spend the rest of your life with?
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mate with an animal

[for an animal] to copulate with its own kind. The gander mated with the goose in the barnyard. The coyote acted as if it wanted to mate with the dog.
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References in classic literature ?
After a quick interchange of dates a silence fell; and I thought suddenly of my absurd mate with his terrific whiskers and the "Bless my soul--you don't say so" type of intellect.
Our young friend listened to the mate with a queer sense of discomfort growing on him.
ENPNewswire-August 21, 2019--University of Sussex: Queen bees face increased chance of execution if they mate with two males rather than one
Bath, England-based Yuyo Drinks introduced certified organic yerba mate teabag products to the UK market in retailers such as Ocado, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Revital in April 2016 with four SKUs: Pure Yerba: Yerba mate; Yerba Zing: mate with grapefruit essential oil, citrus peels, peppermint and rosehips; Yerba Mint: mate with peppermint, lemon verbena and English garden mint essential oil; and Yerba Spice: mate with ginger, cardamom and turmeric.
Most prior research showed that an animal would choose a mate with MHC that is the most divergent from its own so that offspring will have more effective immune systems.
In nature and in the laboratory, Aplysia individuals will frequently mate with several partners and participate in chain copulations (MacGinitie, 1934; Hadfield and Switzer-Dunlap, 1984; Carefoot, 1987; Zaferes et al., 1988; Pennings, 1991; Yusa.
Any of these males that did not mate with the female presented them in the first run were tested in the same way with a second virgin female, and if they mated with the second female, they were then paired with a third virgin female.
In contrast, adult chimps of both sexes mate with many partners.
Organic Green Mate Tea Chai--green leaf mate with a blend of Asian spices.
Males mated with to three randomly selected, unrelated virgin females, and each male was given two chances to mate with each female.
On the contrary, the strain did not mate with JEC20 (MATa D) or with IUM 96-2828 (MATa A).
ALTHOUGH monogamy is common enough in birds and mammals, lizards tend to have more promiscuous or potygynous breeding systems in which males attempt to mate with several females in a defended territory.
From our findings, it seems you don't mate with an average, you mate with an individual."
For instance, peahens prefer to mate with long-tailed peacocks, while women prefer tall men.