match (someone or something) against (someone or something else)

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match (someone or something) against (someone or something else)

1. To match two people or two things together to face off in a challenge or competition. For the first round of the tournament, they matched Karen against the three-time state champion. For this comparison review, we've matched the new Samsung Galaxy S20 against the iPhone X5.
2. To compare someone or something to someone or something else to see if the two correspond correctly. They'll match your name against the guest list to see if you're allowed inside the party. Go down to the warehouse and match what's on the inventory list against what you find down there.
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match (someone) against (someone else) (or something against something else)

to challenge someone with someone else in a contest; to challenge something with something else in a contest. I will match my boxer against your boxer any day. I'll match myself against you any day!
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match against

1. To compare something with something else to see whether their parts correspond: We matched our list of attendees against the invited guests. Match the list of workers against the checks to see what's missing.
2. To set someone or something in competition with someone or something else: The sports league tries to match each team against other teams of the same ability. We were matched against a much smarter team for the debate.
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He had lost his hat somewhere, with the bunch of matches in the band, but the matches against his chest were safe and dry inside the tobacco pouch and oil paper.
Bangladeshi booters will also play two preparatory matches against two leading Tajik football clubs-FC Kuktosh on September 3 and CSKA Pamir on September 5 -- during the 8-day preparation camp there.
The team however pulled themselves together after the defeat and went on to win two matches against Mali and Ethiopia.
He said Pakistan has always won matches against New Zealand and South Africa in major tournaments.
Summary: London [UK], Jun 17 (ANI): England Cricket Board (ECB) on Monday announced that opener Jason Roy has been ruled out from the team's upcoming matches against Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.
The in-form opener, who cracked a century in the match against Australia, could likely also miss the matches against Pakistan, Afghanistan, West Indies and England.
Midfielder Teddy Osok, who had accumulated five yellow cards in matches against Shabana FC (Round 6), Bidco United FC (Round 8), Fortune Sacco FC (Round 13), Nairobi City Stars FC (Round 20) and Bidco United FC (Round 27), featured in the match despite having been on the suspension list.
The national team lost its two other matches against Germany and Netherlands by 0-1 and 5-1 respectively.
best to perform in the matches against Ireland and New Zealand."
We are more experienced and have played more matches against India, we should have done well,' he said.
LAHORE -- India and Pakistan should play more matches against each other which would help in bringing the people from both the neighbouring countries closer, seasoned all-rounder Shoaib Malik said here on Friday.
The 24-year-old right arm fast bowler had a thumb injury during the T20 match against Ireland on 27th June and had to miss the matches against England and underwent operation in England.
'The same team should be given chance to play in the match against Ireland and also in the two matches against England.
LAHORE -- The Pakistan cricket team will leave today for a tour of the United Kingdom where they will play three test matches against England and Ireland, and two T20 international matches against Scotland.
HARARE: Afghanistan has qualified for the super six of the ICC World Cup Qualifiers with a better run rate and went through to the next stage of the tournament after three back to back lost matches against in Group stage.