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match (someone or something) (up) with (someone or something else)

1. To match two people or two things together to face off in a challenge or competition. For the first round of the tournament, they matched Karen with the three-time state champion. For this comparison review, we've matched the new Samsung Galaxy up with the latest iPhone.
2. To compare someone or something to someone or something else to see if the two correspond correctly. They'll match your name up with the guest list to see if you're allowed inside the party. Go down to the warehouse and match the inventory list with what you find down there.
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match up

1. verb To be identical to, comparable to, or compatible with someone or something; to match. These two match up perfectly—they must come from the same batch. Joan and I match up really well even though we have very different personalities.
2. verb To join things together or arrange them so that they correspond, harmonize, or fit together in some way. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "match" and "up." Match up your end to mine and then we'll fold it diagonally. Tiffany and Tina like to match up their costumes every year with the same theme. If you find the puzzle piece I'm looking for, try matching it up to this one.
3. verb To form a pair with another person. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "match" and "up." OK, everyone, please find a partner and match up.
4. verb In a competition, to pit against or be pitted against an opponent. They have Danny matched up against their fastest player, so he'll need some help. Let's take a look at how these two teams match up.
5. verb In a competition, to have a similar skill level as or have the ability to compete with someone in an effective way. They have a better record, but I think we match up really well against these guys.
6. noun In a competition, the pitting of one opponent against another. In this usage, the phrase is usually hyphenated or spelled as one word. These are both strong teams, so tonight's game will be all about the individual matchups.
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match someone (up) (with someone)

 and match something (up) (with something)
to pair people or things. I will match Carl up with Kelly and George with Jane. I will match up Carl with Kelly.
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And as I would talk to them more and more about this, it became clear they believed that, at a minimum, being a matcher (or in many cases, being a taker), would be necessary for their professional success.
--The first module of the system, referred to as Matcher, begins by reading the XML file, extracts the XPaths and stores them in a table, called here Mapping Table (2a).'s Credit Card Matcher Tool allows people to check their likelihood of acceptance for a credit card before they apply.
The bank said that its market share has grown as a result of competitive best buy mortgages and its Rate Matcher campaign.
The steps in query processing are as follows (with the option to stop processing and start matching indicated as "Matcher"):
HSBC has announced it is relaunching its Rate Matcher deal under which it will offer mortgages with interest rates as low as 2.49 per cent.
The NIST test results, released on November 3, 2008, revealed that Suprema's 'matcher' algorithm showed a 0.23% false rate, outperforming all 21 'matcher' algorithms from 17 vendors.
The outcome of this research project was a commercially available (but costly) color matching system for solid wood panel producers (Color Matcher 2001).
The system, named Matcher, confirms, records, and provides photographic proof of all procedures carried out throughout every IVF cycle.
Another ray of hope for borrowers is HSBC's decision to extend its Rate Matcher mortgage for a further six weeks until June 29.
The ladies can flaunt it wearing the 'Alice', a slim-fitting chic style in red, while the guys can matcher their partner by opting for the muscle-y 'Off Road', rugged alternative in red and black.
Society publicist Gina Freeman takes up the story: "Dolly is a meddler and we are on a whirlwind race round New York at the turn of the century as we follow the adventures of the most mischievous matcher. Along the way she succeeds in matching up the young and beautiful Widow Molloy with Vandergelder's head clerk, Cornelius Hackl; his assistant Barnaby Tucker with Mrs Molloy's assistant Minnie Fay; and the struggling artist Ambrose Kemper with Mr Vandergelder's weeping niece Ermengarde!
Click on "Trash Matcher" and then "Project Matcher" and see how many matches you can make for each.