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The Matcher, after extracting the XPaths from the XML file will look for each one of these XPaths for similar XPath in the Mapping Knowledge Base.
The introduction of the Matcher, however, means that IVF centres who acquire it will no longer have to have a second scientist repeatedly double checking all the patient details".
Expedia's Hotel Price Matcher service was launched a few weeks later.
Gajdecki worked summers at the National Archives, then, up the street, on the popular animated series The Raccoons as a matcher.
In the first scenario, what we will call the confirmation case, there is a substantial amount of evidence pointing to Matcher before his DNA is even tested.
When the functional design phase is completed, the component matcher is invoked.
Contract notice: Home Office Biometrics Strategic Matcher Engine Software (Face).
The FS9100 utilizes Synaptics' very own SentryPoint technology that ensures second-to-none authentication with the help of Quantum Matcher and PurePrint technology.
Carruthers' career started in 1964 as a color matcher in the leather industry.
The Matcher may give or take, or do both at the same time, but you can't predict the outcome with them.
Summary: Learn tai chi, meet Fairuz, host a TV show discussing health issues, learn how to send business letters, win the Nobel Peace Prize: These are just some of the dreams and aspirations of the young Beirutis who gathered at AltCity in Hamra Wednesday night for the Dream Matcher Experience.
In the first adventure of Arcadius, players can taste of what's best about puzzle matcher - classic addictive gameplay, supported by additional elements which will take the fun on the higher level,” says Piotr Galus, Product Manager at Connect2Media.
Lastly, consider the criteria for being accepted for a card, you can try our free Card Matcher tool that can help you find the right credit card for your credit profile.
The primary USP of the device is that it features an application called 'Color Matcher,' which supposedly allows users to choose from a much, much wider number of colours as the phone's background and wallpaper.
Cupid [11] represents a sophisticated hybrid match approach combining a name matcher with a structural one.