match wits

match wits (with one)

To engage one in a clash or competition of intelligence or shrewd resourcefulness. My friend and I love matching wits whenever we get together, though some people mistake our banter for actual arguments. Don't try to match wits with the professor, John—he'll talk you round in circles.
See also: match, wit

match wits (with someone)

Fig. to enter into intellectual competition with someone. Whenever I try to match wits with Fred, he always ends up running circles around me with his clever repartee.
See also: match, wit
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Hosted by the Friends of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, participants match wits with museum curators, collections managers and archivists.
Watch the peerless super detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusty partner Watson match wits with an enemy bent on destroying them, in a new tale of intrigue this January, when Sherlock - A Play comes to UAE's shores.
Biado will first have to match wits with rising Taiwanese star Wu Kun Lin.
AlphaGo crept into the online games hosted on Tygem and FoxGo servers-two popular hangouts for competitive Go players to match wits.
As bodies pile up, she'll have to match wits with the ghosts of the dead bullies--some with deadly agendas of their own.
Expect audience participation, with the duo asking fans to join them on stage and to match wits with audience members.
When the brothers finally catch up with the killers, they are seriously outnumbered as they match wits, muscle, and skill with the men who murdered their parents.
With tensions ready to erupt within her own borders and the future of her nation at stake, the one woman who can match wits with Solomon undertakes the journey of a lifetime in a daring bid to test and win the king.
He knows it will be an electric atmosphere in Kolkata and he needs to lead by example if he is going to match wits with Dhoni.
When Max has to match wits against a shark, he learns that being a "Big Fish" isn't just about size
I would like our very best teacher of inquiry to inner city kids who has a teacher librarian credential to match wits with Larisa in a conversation about great inquiry during a library conference.
STEVEN Pressley won't have to match wits with Peter Taylor when the Sky Blues travel to Gillingham later this month, the Kent club confirming yesterday that they have sacked their manager after 14 months in charge at Priestfield.
It's challenging to match wits with mother nature and ducks.
The silence, however, belies the immense level of strategy and calculation taking place as some of the area's top chess players match wits.
Stevens is forced to match wits with his enigmatic client and deal with uncooperative witnesses and hostile hospital employees in order to decipher the conflicting clues and uncover the truth.