match made in heaven

a match made in heaven

An extremely well-suited pairing of people or things; a match that will result in a particularly positive or successful outcome. Mike and Timothy are a match made in heaven! I can't think of two people better suited to marry one another. The new wide receiver and the team's veteran quarterback have proved to be a match made in heaven on the field.
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match made in heaven

A very happy marriage or partnership. When Kelly and Julie partnered up and opened their restaurant, it was a match made in heaven. Cindy and Mark look so happy together. That's a match made in heaven.
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a ˌmarriage/ˌmatch made in ˈheaven

a combination of two people or things which seems perfect: When she married Dave, everyone thought that theirs was a match made in heaven.A merger between the two leading mobile phone networks would appear to be a marriage made in heaven, but will consumers lose out?
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For me, it's a match made in heaven, Davy and Wexford.
Spend the night with Sam Yagan to find out more about what makes your current or future beau a match made in heaven (or not
All Star Mr & Mrs sees an array of celebrity couples aiming to prove they are a match made in heaven, but their body language and well-thought-out answers often give a different, rather humorous, take on things.
The actress also called Rivers and her dad Michael Lohan 'a match made in heaven.
Match Made in Heaven will be the climax of a day of events designed to highlight to regional business the full and far reaching benefits of engaging with and supporting the arts.
So I honestly think this one could be match made in heaven.
We have very strong partnerships with both Sybase and Dejima and feel that this is a match made in heaven," said Marc Benioff, chairman & CEO, salesforce.
Technical presentations will include the following: "`Liquid crystals and polymers: A match made in heaven," John West, Kent State University; "Therban hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber: Past, present and future," Sharon Guo and John Dato, Bayer; "New thermoplastic elastomers by anionic polymerization," Roderic Quirk, University of Akron; and "New highly crosslinked TPEs based on VNB-EPDM," Maria Ellul, Advanced Elastomer Systems.
The life they are living with their two children in a cozy little cape in South Hadley, Massachusetts, may not have the heightened fantasy of the count who seduces the peasant girl, but, after thirteen years of marriage--the last five of them spent team-teaching ballet at Mount Holyoke College--the relationship does have the earmarks of a match made in heaven.
But the two companies' other holdings appear to be a match made in heaven, offering something for everyone on the entertainment spectrum - and for advertisers as well.
JOHN BARNES has hailed the impact Kenny Dalglish has made since he returned to the Anfield hot-seat, saying: "It is a match made in heaven.
WHEN the best manager in Europe teams up with the richest club in the world, the result is a match made in heaven.