match in

match (someone or something) in (something)

To have as much or an equal degree of some quality, characteristic, attribute, etc., as someone or something else. I knew I would never match my opponent in raw strength, so I tried to take advantage of his slower movements and reflexes. To be honest, I feel like Budapest matches Paris in beauty and culture.
See also: match

match someone or something in something

to equal someone or something in some quality. I am sure I match her in wisdom if not in grace and beauty. You do not match her in any way.
See also: match
References in classic literature ?
I strained my sight upon the sparks that fell among the tinder, and upon which he breathed and breathed, match in hand, but I could only see his lips, and the blue point of the match; even those, but fitfully.
RANGERS s ta r Madj id Bou g he r r a f a c e s t he nightmare prospect of playing an international match in troubled Tunisia.
NIGERIA 2 SOUTH KOREA 2 SOUTH Korea clinched a place in the last 16 of the World Cup for the first time on foreign soil despite being held to a draw by Nigeria in their final Group B match in Durban.
Individual telcos are expected to match INS monies with their own funds and then use both to leverage public or private investment).