match for

match for (someone or something)

1. Someone who is well suited to someone else, especially as a romantic partner. We're actually a perfect match for one another, despite our differences in personality—maybe even because of those differences. I think he would be a good match for you—just go on one date and see how you get on!
2. Someone who able to stand up to or compete against someone else with equal strength or skill. Often used in negative constructions. They've had an impressive run this season, but the young team is just no match for the returning champions. No one put much faith in the young defense attorney, but he has proven a match for the state prosecutor.
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match for (someone, something, or an animal)

someone, something, or an animal that is the equal of someone, something, or some other animal, especially in a contest. My older brother is no match for me; he's much weaker. Your horse is no match for mine in a race. Mine will always win.
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References in classic literature ?
The princess for her part, going round the question in the manner peculiar to women, maintained that Kitty was too young, that Levin had done nothing to prove that he had serious intentions, that Kitty felt no great attraction to him, and other side issues; but she did not state the principal point, which was that she looked for a better match for her daughter, and that Levin was not to her liking, and she did not understand him.
"It would not be a great match for her; but if Henrietta liked him,"-- and Henrietta did seem to like him.
it would be a capital match for either of his sisters."
"You know," said she, "I cannot think him at all a fit match for Henrietta; and considering the alliances which the Musgroves have made, she has no right to throw herself away.
"It would not be a great match for Henrietta, but Charles has a very fair chance, through the Spicers, of getting something from the Bishop in the course of a year or two; and you will please to remember, that he is the eldest son; whenever my uncle dies, he steps into very pretty property.
In the second match at the same venue, FBR outclassed Electronic Media Reporters Association (EMRA) by 9 wickets and Behzad Anwar from FBR was awarded man of the match for taking 3 wickets.
After Ambrose rolled up Corbin for the first elimination in the six-man match for the WWE Championship, Corbin attacked the IC Champ.
The best match for each unmatched feature is determined by the minimum value of [s.sub.j].
"It affords employers the opportunity to not be locked into an exact percentage match for every year."
Murthaza was declared the man of the match for his 31 runs and 2 wickets.
In his speech Marwijk wished a good match for booth teams.
JEDDAH: Al-Nasr is to play a closed-door match for its fourth round assignment against Al-Ittihad on Wednesday in Riyadh, Hussein Al-Najaie of Al-Ittifaq is suspended three games for unsportsmanlike behavior and Ittifaq fined SR20,000.
Kasparov predicts that both chess players and scientists will find great value in studying the games of this match for what they reveal about chess and about the way machines reason.
Even though Daniel Bryan was in a match with John Cena, who is in the main event at SummerSlam, he was denied a spot in their pay-per-view match for the WWE Championship by AJ because she already booked him a match against Kane.