match against

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match (someone or something) against (someone or something else)

1. To match two people or two things together to face off in a challenge or competition. For the first round of the tournament, they matched Karen against the three-time state champion. For this comparison review, we've matched the new Samsung Galaxy S20 against the iPhone X5.
2. To compare someone or something to someone or something else to see if the two correspond correctly. They'll match your name against the guest list to see if you're allowed inside the party. Go down to the warehouse and match what's on the inventory list against what you find down there.
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match (someone) against (someone else) (or something against something else)

to challenge someone with someone else in a contest; to challenge something with something else in a contest. I will match my boxer against your boxer any day. I'll match myself against you any day!
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match against

1. To compare something with something else to see whether their parts correspond: We matched our list of attendees against the invited guests. Match the list of workers against the checks to see what's missing.
2. To set someone or something in competition with someone or something else: The sports league tries to match each team against other teams of the same ability. We were matched against a much smarter team for the debate.
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That was Tuyisenge's first outing after returning from another injury, on his right hip that forced him to miss Gor's opening league match against Nakumatt.
30 ( ANI ): India has started off to a solid start in the second U-19 World Cup semi-final match against Pakistan, reaching a score of 72 in 12 overs without losing any wicket.
Khan by 81:14 points and in last match Rawalpindi easily won match against Swat and qualified in semifinal.
As per the league's official Twitter account, Valdez will make her first appearance as 3BB Nakornnont's foreign reinforcement in the team's match against powerhouse Bangkok Glass on Saturday.
Lahore -- Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif has expressed good wishes for Pakistani cricket team in the third test match against England.
CROATIA have been charged over the crowd disturbances which marred the latter stages of their Euro 2016 match against the Czech Republic on Friday.
Raja said in the match against Australia if Sarfraz can play a big innings then Pakistan will benefit greatly.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian volleyball athlete Mojtaba Mirzajaanpour suffered an injury, and would miss the match against Belgium in the FIVB Volleyball World Championship.
Meanwhile, Brazil has received a major blow after doctors confirmed that Neymar will be out for the tournament due to a back injury sustained during the match against Colombia.
Abu Dhabi: The UAE Football Association (UAEFA) allowed Al Jazira to field three of the club's players now in the training camp of the UAE youth national team in their Group A match against Al Rayyan, from Qatar, on Tuesday in the AFC Champions League.
1931: There were no corner kicks - and no goals - in Newcastle's First Division match against Portsmouth at St James' Park.
To get up to speed for that challenge, they will take on Ireland home and away in warm-up matches ahead of the squad announcement and then face a further preparatory match against Italy at the Millennium Stadium.
The Namibia Defense Force (NDF) men's team is now leading in the Men's league of the Bank Windhoek National Volleyball League after winning their match against DTS, 3:1 at last weekend's games at the DTS Hall in Olympia, Windhoek.
Andy Morrell back on the training ground yesterday preparing his players (below) for today's crucial match against Welling WREXHAM player-manager Andy Morrell is unlikely to play any part in today's season-opening match against Welling United after he was rushed into hospital on Thursday with severe abdominal pains.
Queiroz thought he would come for the Asian Cup match against Lebanon last month.