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A goal in the first hour-- such a thing hasn't been done in the School-house match these five years.
No side" is called, and the first day of the School-house match is over.
Nay," quoth old Adam o' the Dell presently, drawing a long breath and shaking his head as he spoke, "twoscore years and more have I shot shaft, and maybe not all times bad, but I shoot no more this day, for no man can match with yon stranger, whosoe'er he may be.
A score and more of barefoot friars were there, and some that looked like tinkers, and some that seemed to be sturdy beggars and rustic hinds; and seated upon a mossy couch was one all clad in tattered scarlet, with a patch over one eye; and in his hand he held the golden arrow that was the prize of the great shooting match.
She has been wanting me to go and lecture Brooke; and I have reminded her that her friends had a very poor opinion of the match she made when she married me.
In the light of another match he examined all four feet.
We are excited to unveil these solutions at the 2006 Biometrics Consortium conference as it is the premier event for the United States Federal Government, which leads the way in the adoption of biometrics," said Thomas Buss, senior vice president of product development and management of Cross Match Technologies, Inc.
Friday and travel to Thousand Oaks for an important early Marmonte League match Tuesday at 6 p.
To ensure the document readers will work effectively in the new airport, the Bangkok-based systems integrator in charge of the project, CDG Systems Limited (CDG), and Cross Match Technologies' local partner, Bio Engineering Company Limited (BEC), conducted two trial runs with the devices.
The Matadors take a 2-10 MPSF record into Friday's home match against UC San Diego (7 p.
David Krell, ISE's President and Chief Executive Officer, said, "We are extremely pleased with the results of the launch of the ISE Stock Exchange, and the strong positive feedback we have received from our members underscores the market demand for the unique MidPoint Match platform, which offers continuous price improvement.
2 doubles team of Chloe Solomon and Marisa Kagan were tested in their first match, a 1-6 loss, but rebounded to take the next two games 6-3, 6-3.
The match represents yet another loop in the unpredictable and wild ride that the Foothill League teams have experienced so far this season, a league race so tight that the playoff spots are not likely to be determined until the final matches have been played.
Johnson noted that, "I am very comfortable that Cross Match is in good hands with Jim Ziglar, Mark Slaven, Will Smith and others on the management team that I put together.